Xbox Free Games With Gold For September 2022 Revealed, Includes Latest Xbox 360 Game Coming To Service

Xbox Live and its games with gold The program has been around for a while, and naturally it has undergone many changes over that time. Many believe Games with Gold titles have suffered as Microsoft instead focuses on its Xbox Game Pass cousin, but Microsoft has been adamant about not shutting down Games with Gold, it seems. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like some changes, with September being the last month before a major change takes place.


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Games with Gold would no longer add Xbox 360 games starting October 1, 2022. In other words, the only Xbox 360 game added to Xbox Games with Gold in September will be the last, but it seems Microsoft is letting Xbox 360 inclusions go off on a high note.

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On August 30, Microsoft revealed the four games coming to the service in September, with the latest Xbox 360 game being Portal 2. Obviously, Gate is a beloved franchise and its sequel is equally beloved, which isn’t always the case with sequels. He will be added to the service on September 16 and will leave on September 30, ending this era.

Games with Gold will continue though, adding Xbox One games. Nothing about OG Xbox games was mentioned in the previous announcement, so those may stand as well. Xbox One games available for September 2022 include The gods will fall and Double Kick Hero. The former is available all month, while the latter will join the service on September 16 and last until October 15. The former sees players taking on the role of Celtic heroes in their fight against the gods, while the latter is a shooter. up game mixed with a fast-paced title, with players battling zombies and militias on the highways in their Gundillacs.

The final title is an original Xbox inclusion, and it’s Thrillville. This amusement park management sim is now a definite classic of the genre, and it will let players design roller coasters, go karts, watch over their guests, keep them happy, and more. All in all, it seems like a pretty solid month and a solid farewell to Xbox 360 games on Games with Gold.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers receive a handful of free games each day.

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