Xbox Free Games With Gold For October 2021 Explained

This month of October, Xbox Live Gold subscribers have spooky games to play for the month of Halloween. Microsoft recently released the Games with Gold lineup for October, with subscribers getting access to two Xbox One games and two playable Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility. With a mix of classics and newer games, there’s plenty to keep a variety of different players busy throughout the month.

The two Xbox One games coming to the service are Aero and Float, while the two Xbox 360 games are Castlevania: Harmony of Despair and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Obviously, the last two horror-themed games are good choices for October, but Aero and Float offer more futuristic and less spooky gameplay for anyone not in the Halloween mood. There’s also still time to claim Games with Gold from September before they leave the service.


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Aero was originally released in 2018 and was developed by Mad Fellows, a two-person UK studio. Aero should be of particular interest to music enthusiasts, as the rail shooter combines electronic dance music with relatively simple controls to create a visually and aurally captivating gaming experience. The game is short, at around 2 hours to complete the main quest, but features side missions and deeper exploration. It was generally well received by critics and features music from Katy B, Noisia, The Prototypes, and more.



Originally published in 2017, Float invites players to explore a futuristic and cyberpunk 3D world. With fast-paced single and multiplayer modes, the game mechanics are largely parkour-based. The playable character is part of a group of young rebels called “The Gamers”, who fight an oppressive regime. The gameplay is quite weak, with parkour elements creating fluid movement, and is a good choice for horror or multiplayer fans. The game also allows the player to switch between single-player and multiplayer mode at any time during gameplay, and it features two songs by Hideki Naganuma.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

castlevania harmony of despair

Part of the iconic Castlevania franchise, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair was released in 2010. While several characters from previous games appear in Harmony of despair, and Hell House’s environment feels familiar, the game is actually a marked departure for the series. Unlike the previous Castlevania Games, Harmony of Despair is multiplayer, with teams of up to six hunting down the persistent Dracula. The game received mixed reviews thanks to a complicated and tedious combat system, but the multiplayer allows for fun collaboration in vampire hunting. Especially for fans of Castlevania series, it’s worth playing in October to see several fan-favorite characters join in defeating the bosses as they explore Hell House and finally attempt to put a stop to Dracula.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X


Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is a special extended cut of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, a game that was released on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 2001, then remastered on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. Extended footage is mostly about Wesker. fans of the resident Evil franchise will surely be aware of this side game set after the events of Resident Evil 2 and during the events of Resident Evil 3. Designed as a “real” sequel to RE2, Code Veronica X follows Claire Redfield, united with her brother Chris. Like the others resident Evil Games, Code Veronica X has many gothic horror tropes and is probably the most conventionally scary game on October’s list. Unlike the others on the list, Code Veronica was extremely well received.

These games won’t be on the Xbox Games with Gold service for long, so any interested gamers should pick them up soon. Aero will be available from October 1 to 31, Float will be available from October 16 to November 15, and Castlevania: Harmony of Darkness will be in service from October 1 to 15. Finally, subscribers will have to wait until October 16 to enter Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, as harmony of darkness leaves the service. Code Veronica X will be available until Halloween.

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