Xbox Free Games with Gold for January 2022 Explained

Xbox Games with gold The lineup for January 2022 has now been revealed, giving players a new selection of classic games to claim. The Games with Gold service may falter compared to the large selection of Xbox Game Pass games, although Games with Gold sometimes produces a must-have gem for subscribers. Some have suggested that Games with Gold is redundant now that modern AAA games are a rarity on the service, but for many it’s not.


While Games with Gold may be in the shadow of Xbox Game Pass, it faces stiff competition in the form of PS Plus. PlayStation’s monthly free games service has often been compared to Games with Gold, with fans offering relatively favorable reviews of the monthly PS Plus selection. When the two services are compared, PS Plus is the big winner in terms of the value of the games on offer. As Xbox fans have noted, Games with Gold frequently features games from the Xbox 360 era, which offer a nice blast from the past, but whether they would be preferred over a more modern title is another question.

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Whether or not fans prefer a different playstyle from Games with Gold, the game selection for January follows roughly the same trend as in previous months and years. As always, January’s Games with Gold lineup features four games, spread over the month. These games have a recognizable theme, with two independent games and two games available through Xbox backward compatibility. While some may not be happy with Games with Gold’s independent and backward-compatible slant lately, the service may well find its audience by continuing to promote these games.


Futuristic NeuroVoider Shooter

Coming out on January 1st is NeuroVoider, which is one of the more modern games offered in this month’s pick. Released in 2016 with positive reviews, NeuroVoider is a futuristic double-stick cyber shooter in which players will take on robots and ultimately aim to defeat the master NeuroVoider.

Players can choose classes and play through this roguelite experience with up to four players, which can come in handy during some of the game’s boss fights. NeuroVoider has also been praised for having one of the best video game soundtracks, which helps keep the player immersed in the game. NauroVoider will be available until January 31, so players will have plenty of time to collect it.


Title screen failed

The most modern of the games available in the Games with Gold line for January is Failed. This one will be available from January 16, but it may be worth the wait. Failed was released in 2018 with overwhelmingly positive reviews; it is a survival game in which players have to search and survive the elements to rebuild the earth.

Besides the harsh environment, the player will also encounter dangerous enemies in their game, which they can send with tools they have created through the in-game crafting system. Failed is a Minecraft style survival game with classic 2D styles. Definitely worth grabbing for fans of survival games or fans of side-scrolling 2D adventures.

Radiant Silver Pistol

Review of Radiant Silvergun XBLA

Legendary vertical shooter Radiant Silver Pistol is back and will be available through Games with Gold for the first two weeks of January 2022. Radiant Silver Pistol is a classic arcade game, which was made available for Xbox consoles by Treasure. For fans of classic shooter games, this is perhaps the most exciting game on the Games with Gold list for January 2022. The original arcade version received a lot of praise, and with the new additions available in this version of the game, fans are going to have something to keep them engaged. This is the first of the classic January games with gold titles, and even though it’s old, it’s still a lot of gold.

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Space Invaders infinity gene

taito space invaders infinity gene review

The last of January’s Games with Gold games is one of the most popular games of all time, and it also has one of the most recognizable names in video games. Space Invaders infinity gene is an evolution of the original Space invaders, which matches the theme of the game.

Start with the classic Space invader gameplay, it evolves from scene to scene into something more modern and totally unrecognizable from the classic gameplay that fans know so well. Space Invaders infinity gene is a great title for fans of the original game and for fans who may have been put off by the rudimentary and limiting gameplay of the original. Space Invaders infinity gene will be available from January 16 to 31, completing the Games with Gold package for the month.

It seems obvious from the Games with Gold selection in January what the purpose of the service is and the audience it can reach. As the excitement around Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 subscription shows, the excitement around retro games is more palpable than ever. Games with Gold’s inclination towards more classic titles such as Space invaders and Radiant Silver Pistol may well play the game of service. Plus, the modern indie games on offer complement this nicely, introducing gamers to new games that they may never have even heard of before.

This ensures that the monthly Games with Gold does not conflict with the list of games available on Xbox Game Pass. The service is one of the most popular in gaming right now and features hundreds of titles, including AAA releases from day one. Games with Gold offers something different from Xbox Game Pass, and while not everyone will like it, it has its place in the modern gaming landscape. With the existence of Game Pass, it may be unnecessary to ensure that Games with Gold is stocked with new AAA titles, when it could stand alone, catering to a different audience.

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