Xbox fans point to fast resume issues with online gaming

The Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is fantastic if you want to instantly jump back into a single-player campaign, for example, but games that require an online connection aren’t always so smooth.

As the majority of us have probably experienced by this point, Always Online Games will kick you from servers when using Quick Resume, which is normal, but sometimes won’t allow you to reconnect without manually restarting the title . once again. The topic surfaced recently on social media:

As mentioned in the tweets, this is not an issue exclusive to everything Xbox Series X and S games are still live, but instead appear on a case-by-case basis, suggesting that some developers have found a way around this issue.

Hopefully, as this generation progresses, the Xbox team will continue to work with the developers to make Quick Resume even more seamless, and those always-online issues will eventually be a thing of the past. Crossed fingers!

Do you sometimes have problems with Quick Resume on Xbox? Tell us below.

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