What Online Bingo Developers Have Learned From Video Games

You might think that enjoying an online bingo game would be a very different experience than playing the latest video game – and you would be right. After all, marking numbers on a map is a very different process than eliminating wave after wave of zombies or building a make-believe world. But that’s not to say that the people behind online bingo haven’t looked at video games at length to find some tips to make them more enjoyable to play.

This is especially the case when they seek to create online bingo games for real money who need a real eye-catcher to stand out in a busy area. The first thing developers do is create a theme, like a video game. It could be based on a popular TV format like “Deal or No Deal” or even related to a popular slot game like “Rainbow Riches”. By giving a game a distinct personality, it helps it get noticed as well as attract a particular type of player.


Also, just like with video games, the way a bingo game is structured is important in encouraging people to keep playing. So there may be different levels to complete before players can move on to the next one. In the case of bingo, this can mean that cash prizes are awarded before moving on to a bigger jackpot. It also creates a feeling of accomplishment and progress in the game, as well as the momentum needed to come to the conclusion.

It is also been well documented how a soundtrack can play an important role in making video games a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Just like in movies, it can be a tool used to create mood and emotions. While the music in video games can cover a fairly wide range from anticipation to fear, bingo games generally use their soundtracks to develop the feeling of excitement and enjoyment. One particularly popular technique is to speed up the music as the game progresses, leading to its conclusion.

There is another crucial aspect that has been increasingly important in video games during its relatively short history and that is the sense of community that it generates. Whether through groups of players of a particular game or as part of the 140 million people in the world estimated monthly Twitch usage, this feeling of unity is very strong.

Bingo sites do much the same by including chat rooms where players can meet virtually, celebrate their successes, or just share their news and opinions. By creating more ways for players to interact with the site, players are more likely to stay loyal to the particular bingo operator.

So it is undoubtedly true that bingo sites have learned a lot from video games. Now, as they get more sophisticated and successful, there might also be a few tips that video game developers can take from bingo as well.

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