What are the February 2022 PlayStation Plus free games and how do I download them?

The February 2022 PlayStation Plus games have been revealed and the lineup is pleasingly diverse.

For those unaware, Sony offers two paid subscription services that users can access. PS Now is essentially the company’s answer to Xbox Game Pass and hosts a library of exclusive titles. Here you can find things like Uncharted 3 Where The last of us then stream them using cloud technology. Technically, you won’t own any of these games and you’ll need a decent internet connection for a smooth experience.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus is actually a premium service that lets you play online with friends or in public matches. Even if you downloaded a free battle royale like fortniteyou’ll need a PS Plus subscription if you want to join matches using a PS4 or PS5 console.

In this sense, PS Plus is identical to Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online. You pay a monthly subscription and, in return, you can use the PlayStation Network (PSN) to participate in online multiplayer sessions.

Each month, you will also be entitled to a few free games. Unlike those hosted on PS Now, you can also install them on your console’s internal storage and keep them forever (as long as you download them before the end of the month).

Below are the free games you can download between February 1, 2022 and March 1, 2022.

EA Sports UFC 4 (PS4)

The image shows the gameplay of “EA Sports UFC 4”. The title has a “strong” rating on Open Critic, with a maximum average rating of 77.
EA Games

EA Sports UFC 4 is an MMA simulator that allows you to learn the disciplines of boxing, wrestling, jiujitsu and kickboxing.

There are over 200 licensed fighters (based on real athletes) for you to play with, and you can also create your own for the in-depth career mode. Along with this campaign, there’s a suite of different multiplayer options to master.

The game was generally well-received when it launched in 2020, although it drew some criticism for its unwieldy camera and dated visuals.

EA Sports UFC 4 has a “strong” rating on Open Critic, with a maximum average rating of 77.

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure (PS4)

Screenshot of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
The image shows the gameplay of “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure”. The game was originally a piece of DLC for “Borderlands 2”.
Gearbox edition

Don’t confuse this with the other Borderlands spin-off set to release later in 2022 (this one is titled The wonders of Tina Tina).

Instead of, Dragon Dungeon Assault is just a standalone re-release of the old DLC that debuted a long time ago Borderlands 2. Considering it was originally just an epilogue chapter for a larger game, it only takes a few hours to complete the whole thing, but it’s a fun experience nonetheless.

For the uninitiated, Dragon Dungeon Assault sucked you into the world of a tabletop RPG at the behest of brash Tiny Tina (a dungeon master who keeps changing the rules on the fly). Think of it kind of like a gory, irreverent version of Jumanjionly with a lot more gunfire, swearing and explosions.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition (PS5)

Screenshot of Planet Coaster
The image shows the gameplay of “Planet Coaster: Console Edition”. The game has a “strong” rating on Open Critic, with a maximum average score of 83.
Border developments

Planet Coaster is this month’s PS5 game, so you won’t be able to play it on PS4 (but you can still redeem your free copy for future use).

Developed by the same team behind Jurassic World: Evolution 2, this is a classic management simulation. In it, you’ll be able to manage your own theme park’s staff, oversee finances, view demographic reports, update food stand menus, and yes, build elaborate roller coaster tracks.

Given their innate complexity and the sheer volume of menus often required, these experiences are generally better suited to mouse and keyboard commands. However, the console edition of Planet Coaster simplifies many features of the PC versions and provides you with a more comprehensive tutorial to help you get started with the experience.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition has a “strong” rating on Open Critic, with a maximum average rating of 83.

How to download free games from PlayStation Plus

New titles are available on the first day of each month and can be downloaded directly from the PS Plus menu on your PS4 or PS5.

To find this section of the dashboard, look for the yellow plus sign shown in the screenshot below. On PS4, clicking this icon will take you to a separate page where you can download each of your free games.

On PS5, a drop-down menu will open instead. If you scroll down to that, you will be able to find individual buttons to claim the free titles.

There’s always at least one next-gen game included in the giveaway. If you’re on PS4, you can still enter it so it’s permanently marked as “owned” on your PSN account. That way, when you finally get your hands on an elusive PS5 console, you can still download it for free.

In related news, the Epic Games Store is also giving away a title to its registered users every month. Newsweek has released a guide on how to claim these freebies on the platform, along with an updated list of all the games that have been included so far in 2022.

PS Plus logo on the PS5 dashboard
The image shows the PS Plus logo. If you access it on your PS4 or PS5 dashboard, you’ll be able to download your free games for the month.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

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