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After almost three years of the world changing with the coronavirus pandemic, video game companies have experienced strong economic growth. Unlike other entertainment industries, such as movies, music or sports, video games have been able to continue increasing users during lockdowns.

While live sports, or concerts, or even the movie industry for theatrical releases, which depend on fans being able to enjoy these live events, video games have attracted more users than ever before. .

In the United States, gamers have increased their spending on games by 75% during the pandemic

Today, from smartphones, consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, to PCs optimized for gaming, entertainment is within everyone’s reach.

According to the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), from 2018 to the end of 2021, the video game industry grew by 8% per year, and it is expected that By 2023, revenue exceeds $200,000 million.a figure that the company claims exceeds box office earnings worldwide.

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“In the United States, gamers have increased their gambling spending by 75% during the pandemic,” said Sandro Marzo, managing director and partner at BCG, in the consultancy firm’s latest press release.

League of Legends World Championship


Riot Games Worlds promotional poster

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that over the past five years Chinese company Tencent has bought Riot Games for $400 million, the developers of the online game ‘League of Legends’, whose competitive finals this year attracted more than 30 million viewers. spectators.

‘League of Legends’ is an online game in which two teams of five members compete to destroy the towers of territory controlled by the opponent. It’s like a capture the flag game, but with fantastic characters.

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Another of the most popular games among young users is “Fortnite”, the final of which was played at the Arthur Ashe stadium, where the international tennis tournament, the US Open, is held. The Fortnite World Cup Finals in 2019 managed to attract 2.3 million people live. The same year’s US Open attracted 2.7 million viewers.


The series premiered in November 2021


Netflix promotional poster

From the console to the small screen

On November 6, the “Arcane” series premiered on Netflix, inspired by some of the “League of Legends” characters.. This French-American production not only captivated regular online multiplayer players, but it captivated people who had never even heard of the game.

This commitment to integrating streaming service audiences with players responds to the fact that even “Netflix” considered “Fortnite” to be more competitive for them than “HBO.”

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Video games have always been closely tied to other forms of entertainment, drawing inspiration from comics, books, and movies. There are even movies that were created from video games, such as the notable case of the “Resident Evil” movie and game series.

BCG experts point out that in addition to the ease of enjoying video games at home, the great growth of this industry is due to the growing passion for them.

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