Video games not only for entertainment


Most avid gamers and critics consider the game to be an entertaining way to pass time or waste time respectively. They were also accused of unruly behavior and violence. However, studies have often found no link between video games and aggressive behavior.

With the industry growing to a multi-billion mark, video games have branched out and are being used for the greater good and not just for entertainment.

With the commitments and benefits of these games, despite being a controversial medium, certain aspects have been and will continue to be incorporated into various diverse factions of our lives.

Health care

Although much media attention has been paid to the negative effects of playing video games, relatively less attention has been paid to the positive effects of playing this activity. Video games have proven themselves time and time again in the field of health.

The unique commitment that video games offer has also been leveraged to help researchers develop vaccines.

That’s the idea behind “Foldit,” an online computer game where players, with no prior knowledge of biochemistry, compete to solve puzzles by folding protein structures to best match a target.

The best solutions to the “Foldit” puzzles are analyzed in more detail because they could offer new information on diseases like HIV/AIDS or Covid-19 and thus find associated therapies.

These tailor-made games help patients better adhere to treatment regimens and train physicians in managing patients in different clinical situations.

A study from the University of Utah has suggested that video games could have a profound impact on how patient care is delivered. The report also states that video games can help patients with cancer, diabetes, asthma, depression, autism, Parkinson’s disease and more.

finance and business

While the video game industry is a successful revenue generator on its own, it can be used to make an impact in different areas of business outside of retail.

More and more, companies are finding ways to integrate video games into their strategies. In recent years, blockchain has become a feature of our financial and technology industries and companies are cashing in big on this system.

The term “gamification” was coined, which simply means the process of incorporating elements of video games into a business, organization, or system, with the goal of driving engagement or performance.

Gaming personal finance apps aim to help people make better financial decisions, often by redirecting destructive financial behaviors (like playing the lottery) into positive outcomes.


The game has been demonized when it comes to children. At the same time, the game has been praised for increasing motivation and critical thinking skills.

It is argued that students who do not engage as much as other students find themselves more active in class through video games.

Educational video games play an important role in the curriculum for teachers looking to provide basic lessons, reading, and new skills. The gamification of education allows learners to take an active role in learning and to develop the technical skills necessary for their academic and professional careers.

Several recent studies have shown that video games, whether violent or not, can help children develop intellectual and emotional skills that support their academic success.

Social abilities

Online video games cultivate social spaces where players can establish new relationships or enhance existing ones. Game spaces allow players to share experiences together, creating bonds between players.

Players can also develop their leadership skills while playing these games. These games also provide opportunities to increase skills that players can use outside of the game. Leadership skills are an area where researchers say the game greatly helps.

Nature’s love potions

Tomorrow, many will tap into heightened desires and expectations, and abandoning all semblance of common sense, we will seek pleasure.

Call to action to protect the oceans

High-level representatives highlighted how implementing a blue economy can combat the threats of climate change, plastic pollution and overexploitation.

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