Vampyr, grime, shattered age, and a festive cave story

It’s Christmas! Hope you get a chance to rest – it’s been a long old year. Reading this I’m probably wasting my own day with copious amounts of wine and chocolate like some kind of ridiculous villain from an ancient parable. It’s been a great game for the game, hasn’t it? From Hitman 3 at Infinite halo, there was a lot to do.

If you need that last piece of party gaming glory, look no further. Before you log out and slice up that nutty roast, take a moment to enjoy the latest foray into free games and new membership additions for this holiday season. This is the last gift on the bottom of your stocking – the one you thought Santa Claus didn’t remember.

Vampyr / Credit: Focus Home Interactive

Immortal Party Courtesy of Epic Games Store

Remember how Epic Games has been offering one free play per day since last week? There have been a lot of offers, but if you miss the day that they are on offer, you are missing out for good. Since last week Shenmue III supply, the bangers came thick and fast. The disappearance of Ethan Carter, Neon Abyss, and even Loop hero have been gifts direct from Epic to your library.

Unfortunately, you missed out on these free games if you didn’t get them on the day. But do not worry ! I just have the solution for your haggard soul. How about immortality and a curse, the choice between helping those you have promised to help or embracing the monster in you?

It sounds good ? If applicable, vampire is the game for you. And it’s on the Epic Games Store as a giveaway for (UK time, that is) December 23-24. To be fast! It will only be free for one day. (And if you are really fast, you may be able to type Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden when that’s no use, before the offer goes to the old necksucker over there.)

You play as a new leech, who happens to be a medic with patients he must save. These patients have delicious blood flowing through their veins, and they’re probably going to die anyway, right?

Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the Life is Strange franchise, it became somewhat of a cult hit when it was first released in 2018. It’s a fascinating adventure with gruesome villains to fight too. 1918 London is a wreck, and it’s your job to resurrect or condemn it. Head to the Epic Games Store immediately to claim it, before it disappears.

Broken Age / Credit: Double Fine Productions
Broken Age / Credit: Double Fine Productions

Point and click on Game Pass

Broken age is free this Christmas! Available at no additional cost on Xbox and PC Game Pass, this point-and-click adventure is as charming today as it was when its first act was released in 2014.

Directed by the great Tim Schafer and starring Jack Black, Elijah Wood and Masasa Moyo, Broken age is the kind of game you can snuggle up to and play with the whole family, regardless of their age and gaming experience. This is something I would be hard pressed to say vampire and its macabre environment.

While Broken age stands out on its own merits, notably bringing crowdfunding into the mainstream as a genuinely viable alternative to the old-fashioned publisher-funded form to kick-start a project. His Kickstarter raised more than $ 3.4 million, which remains one of the highest totals ever for a video game crowdfunding campaign.

The Gunk / Credit: Thunderful
The Gunk / Credit: Thunderful

Stick, literally, with Game Pass, it’s time to get Gunky

dirt is available now on Xbox and PC Game Pass. From the creators of the Steamworld franchise, dirt wins my award for the best nominated game of the year.

It’s an action-adventure title played from a third-person perspective and throws you on an alien planet with a friend. The alien planet is a beautiful place with all kinds of unique environments, but it’s at risk of being overrun by a coarse slime mass known as, you guessed it, dirt. You can guess the mission here, can’t you? Get rid of this sinister filth and restore the planet to its natural beauty!

Secret Santa from Cave Story / Credit: Nicalis, Inc
Secret Santa from Cave Story / Credit: Nicalis, Inc

Santa Cavey

History of the cave is an icy classic. Originally released in 2004 by solo developer Daisuke Amaya, it’s a Metroidvania game that played a huge role in popularizing indie gaming as we know it today.

Cave Story’s Secret Santa is a spin-off of the original game and is free on PC on the Steam, Epic, and GOG storefronts.

It describes itself as a “side story of stealth and puzzle-solving,” and takes place before the events of the original. History of the cave Game. It’s a fun little festive treat, and definitely something to quickly download and play on the sly while you’re forced to watch Christmas movies or play an eighth game of charades.

Okay, it’s me for the year! Hope you enjoyed at least some of the gifts I have put in front of you this year, and hope to see many more of you if possible. My New Year’s resolution will be to complete more games in my backlog instead of playing Football manager constantly. It is a resolution that I will fail during the day.

However your Christmas unfolds, I hope it will be as relaxing and fulfilling as possible. We’ve all been struggling lately, so try to find the love and comfort you need from your loved ones or chosen family. Stay safe, get your booster and listen to Wham !.

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