Two more free Xbox games with Gold Games are now available

Microsoft is releasing the last two free Xbox Free Games with Gold for November 2021 a day early, meaning both titles are available to download now.


We are now in mid-November, which means Xbox Live Gold subscribers now have their second batch of free games available to download for the month. Many Xbox Live Gold users usually subscribe to the service to access Xbox’s online multiplayer service, but it should be noted that the service also comes with the added bonus of 4 free games per month.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers now have access to all of their 4 free games for the month, as the green team prefers to spread their free games out over the month, unlike Playstation Plus which gives subscribers all of their games at the start of the month . Unfortunately, Xbox Live Gold subscribers weren’t all happy with the free games on offer in November, as the titles on offer didn’t have much to do with mainstream audiences.


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The first two games Xbox Live Gold subscribers received this month were To relocate and Rocket Knight. Many subscribers probably enjoyed the cooperative aspect of To relocate, while many others probably wouldn’t have been familiar with rocket knight as the game was released in 2010 and received mixed reviews. However, most gamers should be able to get at least a few hours of enjoyment out of both titles.

Xbox Free Games With Gold List For November 2021

  • Moving (from November 1 to November 30)
  • Kingdom Two Crowns (November 16 to December 15)
  • Rocket Knight (November 1 to November 15)
  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (November 16 to November 30)

The final two games Xbox Live Gold subscribers can claim this month are Kingdom Two Crowns, a side-scrolling kingdom management game that also incorporates aspects of tower defense as one travels the countryside claiming and establishing properties, and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. LEGO Batman 2 will probably be appreciated by subscribers because the Lego the games are highly regarded and have a loyal following due to the easy, fun and creative nature of the games.

Xbox seems to pay a lot more attention to the games it adds to Xbox Game Pass, however, this is somewhat justified given that the focus of Xbox Live Gold has changed so that Microsoft encourages its users to purchase Xbox Game Pass. So Microsoft stopped adding more popular and newer titles to Xbox Live Gold in favor of adding those games to Xbox Game Pass instead.

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