Tower of Fantasy tops free game charts in 22 countries from day one

Since the day of its announcement, Tower of Fantasy has been the talk of the town for a variety of reasons. The game was undoubtedly one of most anticipated titles of this year and the hype surrounding it was beyond comprehension. He was called the Genshin Killer by many people in the community. There is a slight possibility that Tower of Fantasy will turn out to be the Genshin Killer as the game has passed the App Store Free Games Chart in 22 countries around the world on the day of its launch.

Tower of Fantasy reached a major milestone by topping the App Store rankings on day one of release

Topping the App Store charts is something every development team wants their game to do. However, increasing competition in the game industry today especially in the MMORPGs category makes it an almost impossible task.

Some world-class games with excellent storyline, beautifully crafted visuals, enhanced combat mechanics and top-notch graphics manage to reach the top, and Tower of Fantasy did just that after the first day of release in 22 countries. .

And to celebrate this occasion, the team of Infinite Level has been generous in sending rewards to players. Every player who logs in (until August 17, 2022) will receive 10 Gold Nucleus for free! Please refer to the attached in-game announcement.

Image via infinite level

ToF has gained momentum thanks to its extremely complex visuals and futuristic gameplay

Since the day it was announced, Tower of Fantasy has had a lot of traffic directed to its side for various reasons. The sci-fi shared open world MMORPGs got a lot of attention when its first trailer was released by Level Infinite.

The game quickly became the talk of the town and was widely referred to as the Genshin Killer. This was because of its extremely intricate visuals, immersive storyline, and futuristic gameplay set on a planet known as Aida.

Fantasy Tower Wallpaper, Fantasy Tower, ToF
Image via infinite level

Tower of Fantasy was first released in China in December 2021 and worldwide release August 11, 2022, for Android, iOS and PC platforms. The game instantly became popular among mobile gamers due to ultimate customization features and multiplayer mode. This led to Tower of Fantasy to top the App Store’s free games rankings in 22 countries.

What do you think of Tower of Fantasy at the top of the App Store free game charts? Let us know in the comments below!

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