Top 5 Free Games Like COD Mobile For 2GB RAM Devices

COD Mobile is one of the best free FPS titles available on iOS and Android app stores. It offers a premium gaming experience. Also, only a few games surpassed the graphics quality of COD Mobile. Apart from the graphical output, the game offers a library of multiplayer maps with different terrains.

COD Mobile is also famous for its in-game content, already seen in other renowned Call of Duty titles. The variety of content includes weapons, blueprints, score streaks, characters, operator skills, maps, perks, and many more. However, the high resource requirements are the reason for the relatively low popularity of COD Mobile.

Players who own a 2GB RAM device cannot enjoy COD Mobile on their smartphones. The game will not work properly because the phone barely meets the minimum game requirements.

Moreover, the download size of over 1.9 GB (without additional resource packages) makes it almost impossible for users to install COD Mobile without any problem.

Hence, users should look for better options like COD Mobile which works well on 2GB RAM devices.

To note: The list is in no particular order and reflects the individual opinion of the author.

COD Mobile: The best free-to-play alternatives for 2GB RAM smartphones

1) Free shot

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Garena Free Fire is the most famous battle royale game for low-end smartphones. The popular survival shooter has been nothing short of a viral phenomenon. Due to its staggering user base, the developers have also maintained the quality of Free Fire.

One can use several weapon skins, pets, and character abilities to their advantage in combat situations during matches. The game also features a range of in-app purchases in terms of item skins and emotes.

2)PUBG Mobile Lite

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Apart from Free Fire, PUBG Mobile is another video game that has created global discussions. However, its higher resource requirements led the developers to introduce PUBG Mobile Lite with similar gameplay features but compressed graphics quality.

Multiple game modes, weapons, attachments, and challenging combat situations made PUBG Mobile Lite a decent choice for low-end smartphone users. Like the previous entry in this list, PUBG Mobile Lite is also rich in various game content.

3) Modern Combat Versus: FPS game

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Gameloft has produced many impressive mobile games over the years, and the Modern Combat series is one of them. The popular mobile shooter series bears striking similarities to the Call of Duty franchise.

“Modern Combat Versus: FPS Game” is one of the multiplayer shooter in the series which is aimed at low-end smartphone users. The game is compatible with 2GB RAM devices and runs smoothly with lots of noise.

The content of the game “Modern Combat Versus: FPS game” also has similarities with the MP mode of Call of Duty: Mobile. Additionally, the game features a diversity of characters known as agents.

4) ScarFall – The Royal Battle

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There are a few decent options for free mobile shooters for 2GB RAM devices, and ScarFall is one of them. BR shooter offers good 3D graphics with fast action in the battlefield.

The game offers different modes with more than enough in-game weapons for players to use during matches.

5) MaskGun – FPS Shooting Game

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The last entry on this list is another free Indian mobile shooter with multiple PvP modes. The game has seen regular updates which have enriched its in-game content.

There are more than enough guns to keep players hooked. Additional features like real-time friend system, missions, achievements, and gear customizations make MaskGun more interesting.

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