Top 2021 Sports Video Games For Holiday Giveaways Include NBA 2K22, PGA Tour 2K, and Madden 22

With the holidays upon us again, video game consoles, accessories, and games continue to be popular giveaways. Many buyers will be looking to purchase the best sports video games to give as a 2021 holiday gift. We’ve taken a look at some of the best video games that really bring the look and feel of sports to life, virtually. speaking. Among the options are top picks like NBA 2K22, Madden 22, PGA Tour, etc. Check out our top five games below along with some helpful buying tips.

NBA 2K22 among the best sports video games

Every year a brand new edition of the popular NBA 2K series hits video game consoles. With NBA 2K22, they have added some unique features to an already popular game. It already features a realistic basketball simulation with updated rosters featuring all the top stars. However, the variety of game modes gives something for everyone.

There is a mode where players can create their own personalized “MyPlayer” and guide them to basketball success. Players can select a college to play for and attempt to go high in the NBA Draft. From there, venture into the city or neighborhood for competition and various quests to earn rewards.

The game also features other interesting modes such as NBA 2K’s MyTeam where players can create their own dream teams of players past and present, or Franchise, where players manage a team’s season. There is even a selection of casual offline modes for practicing or playing virtual hoops.

NBA 2K22 is currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. See more details here on the different versions of the game.

EA’s Madden, NHL and FIFA are also popular with fans

Electronic Arts is known for its variety of realistic sports simulation games including Madden (soccer), FIFA (soccer), and NHL (hockey). EA released new versions of each of these games in 2021.

They are each available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or the new PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Many of these games are available for other consoles or Windows PCs. The new PlayStation and Xbox consoles bring next level experiences to these games in terms of look, sound and feel of playing sports.

Each of these games also continues to feature updated rosters with the latest rookies and stars from professional leagues. Madden and the NHL have added special X-Factor abilities for several of the league’s top stars, allowing these players to unlock special skills in matches.

All three games continue to use innovative graphics and gameplay to improve the appearance and movement of players when competing. It can make for an exciting and entertaining experience.

Much like NBA 2K above, all of these games allow you to create custom players for use in games with the ability to improve their skills. They also offer “Ultimate Team” and Franchise modes, among others, to really take sports game management to the next level.

To learn more about EA Sports video games and their availability, visit EA website here.

Also consider: PGA Tour 2K and MLB The Show 21

It’s possible that the sports video game fan on your holiday gift list is a baseball or golf fan. If so, there are two other great games to consider. These are the PGA Tour 2K21 and MLB The Show 21.

With the PGA Tour 2K21, golf fans can create their own personalized golfer and then compete in various tournaments. Upgrade to the PGA Tour level and compete against a selection of professional golfers. What’s more, the game features competitive online modes and even an extensive course creator to create amazing golf courses! To verify PGA Tour 2K21 here.

Last but not least is MLB The Show from San Diego Studio. Baseball fans can enjoy every strikeout, home run and big play in the outfield with this amazing simulation experience. It is also possible to create a Custom Sports Star and then evolve it throughout the game.

Plus, The Show features a wide variety of game modes including the popular Diamond Dynasty to build that ultimate fantasy roster! There’s even a stadium creator available for the new consoles to create wild places to play ball! See more details on MLB The Show 21 here.

Top Sports Video Game Buying Tips 2021

When shopping for the best sports video games, always keep an eye out for different retailers for the best deals. We recommend top websites like Amazon’s Video Games Page, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop. These retailers generally have competitive prices for their games. They sometimes offer discounts, so keep an eye on each week.

Don’t forget to set up watchlists on sites like Amazon, so that they warn you if a certain sports video game has a lower price. Plus, the best deals are likely to arrive in November and around the popular Black Friday shopping day.

Fortunately, you can mainly buy online, so you don’t have to rush to the stores. However, sometimes there are these early bird deals that you can take advantage of in person. Sometimes stores offer special packages or incentives with the games.

As always, be careful, as you may need to be quick to grab a bargain price on a game before it sells out completely. However, by keeping track of multiple places to buy, you should have no problem finding that sports video game to give as a gift.

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