Top 10 Free Games on Epic Games Store to Play in 2021

Epic Games has built a solid reputation by offering games for free on many occasions. While Epic offers weekly free games, they also have a list of free games in their permanent library. Some of these games are even exclusive to the Epic Games Store and are free. The list of free games includes Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Rocket League, and hidden gems like Spellbreak.

You can also check out our other guides, such as the best free PC games for 2021 and the best websites to download PC games for free. Now, without further ado, here are some of the best free games on the Epic Games Store.

How to Claim Free Games on the Epic Game Store

1. Go to Epic Games Store and sign in.

2. Now go to the list of free games and select the game you want to claim.

3. Select “TO HAVE“then press”TO ORDER.”

4. Now you can download the Epic Games launcher and install the game.

List of Top 10 Free Games Epic Games

Fortnite is a game that needs no introduction. It’s easily one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Each season, the game brings new events and a new battle pass. It’s slowly but surely turning into its own metaverse, with huge crossover events each season. It is one of the most popular games in the Epic Store free games list.

Epic has partnered with several studies to borrow their popular characters for use in-game as skins. They also used these characters in the season’s narrative. For example, Thor and Galactus during the Fortnite Nexus event. Unfortunately, the gameplay hasn’t changed much since launch, except for new tools being added each season.

Download Fortnite for free

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing video game. The game’s fantastic open-world environment and magical elements have managed to attract millions of players worldwide. As players progress through the game, they encounter several playable characters with different abilities.

During combat, players can instantly switch between characters and combine the different magic elements to inflict greater damage on enemies. If you are planning to try new free games in 2021, you can find Genshin Impact in Epic Games free list.

Download Genshin Impact for free

Rocket League (Free Epic Games Exclusive)

Rocket League is a free football game, but with a twist. Instead of controlling in-game humanoid characters, you play soccer with rocket-powered cars. In the game, there can be eight players divided into two teams. Each team tries to force the ball into the opponent’s goal with their cars.

It’s safe to say that Rocket League is one of the most entertaining games for couch co-op and playing with lots of your friends. The game is quite competitive and fun at the same time. If you’re bored and want to play something casual, you can find Rocket League on Epic Games’ free list.

Download Rocket League for free

Rogue company

Rogue Company is a multiplayer tactical shooter published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game is quite similar to Valorant or CS:GO. However, unlike Valorant or CS:GO, Rogue Company is a third-person shooter. So, if you are one of those gamers who prefer third-person games over first-person games, then Rogue Company is for you.

You play in a team of four players to battle against another team in multiple game modes. At the start of each round, players can purchase weapons, perks, and grenades using credits. The number of credits you will earn will depend on your performance in each round. You can find Rogue Company on Epic Games’ free list.

Download Rogue Company for free


Warframe is a third-person shooter action RPG game. You play as a space ninja with four unique abilities tied to each character. You can unlock other characters just by playing the game or buying them with premium currency. It has a deep tradition for those interested in story-based games.

Where the game shines is its variety of content and constant updates. Over the years, Warframe developers have released multiple updates for the game, filling it with huge amounts of content. If you ever find yourself with lots of time and nothing to play, check out Warframe on Epic’s free games list.

Download Warframe for free

Dauntless (Free Epic Games Exclusive)

Dauntless is an Epic Games exclusive title and is very similar to Monster Hunter: World. The only difference is that it is free and supports crossplay. This is the perfect game for fans of the Monster Hunter franchise. One of its best features is that you can play it with up to four friends, regardless of their platform.

The developers treated this title as a live service game and made several content updates. The game is filled with various monsters to hunt, armor to craft, and weapons to build with these constant updates. You can find Dauntless on Epic Games’ free list.

Download Dauntless for free

spell break

Spellbreak is a second generation battle royale game as it is different from the traditional run and gun gameplay. In this battle royale game, players must choose between two elemental gauntlets and use their magic attacks in combination to eliminate enemy teams. Similar to Fortnite, the game looks simple but has a very high cap for experienced players.

Any player who is well versed in the mechanics and strategies of this game can wipe out the entire enemy team easily. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the current Battle Royale genre. You can find Spellbreak on Epic Games’ free list.

Download Spellbreak for free


Trackmania is a track racing game that is part of a long series from Ubisoft. Although not as popular as the NFS, Forza or Gran Turismo series, it’s a great game to jump into a quick play session. You control an F1 car in this game which makes it faster than any other racing game.

In Trackmania, you can race solo to beat your old record, or you can compete against other players online. There are about 25 official tracks in the game, and the tracks will be updated every 3 months. So there is a lot to explore in Trackmania. The game is very addictive and you can even create your own tracks.

Download TrackMania for free


Hyper Scape is yet another battle royale game set in the future VR world. Instead of a circle that shrinks as the game progresses, random sectors of the map disappear. Once the game reaches its final, a crown appears on the map and any player who can hold it for 60 seconds becomes the winner.

Players also have access to special abilities called “Hacks”, which can be used for attack and defense. When one of your teammates dies, they become an echo and can ping enemy teams. As the match progresses, the game’s AI also introduces various modifiers such as low gravity mode, infinite ammo, enemy location reveal, etc.

Download Hyperscape for free


Paladins is an Online Hero Shooter video game created by Hi-Rez, creator of Rogue Company. The gameplay is very similar to Overwatch, where players must choose which champion to use for the match. Each champion has their unique abilities and weapons. There are several game modes: siege, assault, team deathmatch and ranked (competitive siege).

Fans of games like Overwatch and League of Legends will find this game very enjoyable. You can find Paladins on the free games list on the Epic Games Store.

Free download Paladins

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