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“The Quarry” takes place at a summer camp (of course) in a place called Hackett’s Quarry. In the prologue, two camp counselors named Laura (an excellent Siobhan Williams) and Max (Skyler Gisondo) head to the remote location a night earlier. They pull off the road to avoid an accident, crash their car in the woods, where they meet a local officer named Travis (Ted Raimi), who cheers them on. not go to the quarry tonight. Of course, they ignore this warning and are attacked when they arrive at the camp.

Skip to two months later and the introduction of the other seven playable characters. Like “Until Dawn,” there’s a specific path of choices and vital actions that can keep all nine characters alive until the end, though I found that element harder to predict in this one. game as the last. For the record, I lost three poor souls, though I was really trying to play the game more organically than overthinking decisions after a certain point.

Anyway, the seven counselors who are now on the last day of camp at Hackett’s Quarry are Abi (Ariel Winter), Dylan (Miles Robbins), Emma (Halston Sage), Jacob (Zach Tinker), Kaitlyn (Brenda Song ), Nick (Evan Evagora) and Ryan (Judge Smith). Of course, there are potential romances in the group that will shape the narrative – Abi has a crush on Nick, Jacob longs for Emma, ​​and there’s something between Ryan and Dylan. The young cast is uniformly strong, especially Smith and Williams, but the real draw for genre fans will be the supporting cast, which includes not just Raimi but David Arquette, Lance Henriksen, Grace Zabriskie and Lin Shaye. It’s a fantastic collection of familiar faces.

On the night they are supposed to leave the quarry, fat model Jacob sabotages their only vehicle so they can spend one more night with Emma. Before you know it, something is chasing them, though “The Quarry” is more of a creature feature than a slasher image. There’s something in the woods and it’s perhaps more dangerous than the men who seem to be hunting the councillors, played by Henriksen and Ethan Suplee. The game’s mythology mostly unfolds through cinematic cutscenes, but there are also clues and evidence that can be found throughout the setting, giving the player clues as to what’s really going on and how to survive the night. . Players can also find tarot cards, which offer visions of the potential future.

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