The people behind Australia’s video game boom

Australia currently knows a local video game boom, with developers churning out some of the best quality titles in years.
Earlier this month, the Victorian the government announced a $5 million increase for the local games industry, due to the success of games like Worship of the Lamb.

The video game event of the year, PAX Australia, saw dozens of small, mostly local developers showcase their stuff.

Stompy Paws studios in Melbourne have created an original GameBoy game. (New) has been involved in a few upcoming games at PAX, as well as new and upcoming demos online.

While the majority of titles featured were Australian-made, there was also some exceptional talent to showcase from our international neighbours.

Here are some of the highlights from this year:

Jacob Leaney is the solo developer at Melbourne-based game studio Things for Humans.

Leaney, known by his musical pseudonym monster mansionCurrently working on his second video game release: A Halloween Valentine.

An avid musician, Leaney says the whole game was designed around the music.

Jacob Leaney writes music under the name Monster Mansion (New)

The story revolves around a queer couple who go on a date on Valentine’s Day only to run into Cupid, who is having a horrible day.

Cupid went through a bad breakup; their sole purpose is to wreak havoc in a haunted amusement park.

It’s full of puzzles, pop tunes, and what Leaney calls “Catgoyles,” cat-like statues that the player moves and turns to move on to the next area.

A Valentine Halloween is being created by the developer, Things for humans (Provided)

Although I haven’t experienced the story too much, the puzzle elements are satisfying and provide a unique gameplay experience.

Leaney says his set is at least 12 months away from being finished, but the first song from A Halloween Valentine is now available on Spotify. Upon release, the game will feature 10 tracks.

Kendan and the Gem of Eru

Who said the GameBoy was dead? !

Australian game developers Stompy Paws Studios of Melbourne have created a fully functional original Gameboy game, Kendan and the Gem of Eru.

Kendan and the Gem of Eru was created by Stompy Paws Studios in Melbourne. (New)

It was unique on the PAX Rising floor this year, with queues of people hoping to get their hands on the nostalgic title.

The creators point out that the main problem with making a vintage-style game like this is that once it ships, there’s no software update.

The game was created with the help of online platform Kickstarter, with players raising over $34,000 to see the game completed.

You can learn more about Kendan and the Gem of Eru here.

If you’re a cat lover, you can’t pass by the adorable Nekograms, a cat-themed puzzle whose main task is to put these adorable felines to sleep.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this game comes straight from Tokyo, but Nekograms was created by the Hungry Sky team in Western Australia.

Move the pillows around to make sure each cat has a comfy place to sleep – adorable!

This one has already received rave reviews and is now available on mobile, Apple, and Android, for the generous price of $2.99.

Traveling from Singapore to be at PAX Aus 2022, married couple Ivan and Tanya Moltini have grown rampant knights since four years.

Ivan says it was only recently that he decided to take the full-time leap.

The game features a “spawn your own enemies” system, allowing players to take on the next undead hoard at their own pace.

Knight Crawlers is an original game from husband and wife duo Ivan and Tanya Moltini. (New)

Ivan and Tanya have also set up a multiplayer mode, which sees players go head-to-head after a brutal single-player battle.

It’s a fun rogue-like, with quirky ragdoll animations and destructible environments (my favorite).

Ivan says he’s made an effort to ensure that crates, barrels, and other items scattered around this medieval/hellish world are destructible and players are rewarded for smashing them into pieces.

The game also includes a card system. Each time the player levels up, they are offered three cards that can improve the player’s skills with each pass.

There is still a bit of work to do rampant knights but you can list the game on Steam to keep up to date with development.

amazing chicken adventures

amazing chicken adventures is a 3D platform game in which you take control of a hen and steer an egg to safety.

Amazing Chicken Adventures is a new game from Piotr Rochala from Melbourne. (New)

The game, from solo developer Piotr Rochala, had one of the most colorful screens at PAX and officially released in September this year.

It is already available on PC and soon on Nintendo Switch.

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