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Every year brings new releases in the gaming industry and generates hype in the gaming community. However, once everyone is done playing new single-player titles, they return to popular online games. These massive multiplayer games have been around for a long time and have been updated frequently to provide a better and more engaging user experience. Generally, these popular games are really competitive, they are first person shooters, battle royales, MOBAs or they can even be casino game content like poker. So let’s take a look at some of the titles gamers are really enjoying in 2022.

Online Casino Slots

There are so many people who spend their time playing casino games, but the majority of the gaming community mainly focuses on slots. There are thousands of different slot games and casino tips which you should play based on the casino win rate. Although these are real money games, you can still try them out for free by playing at the no deposit bonus sites or using the casino’s free play features. This is the only entry on the list that does not have a specific title because slot players love to switch things up and experience a game with a different theme.


Currently, PUBG is the game with the most active players. It is a battle royale game that also made this genre popular and inspired other studios to create their own versions of it. You can compete head-to-head, play last man standing mode, or even compete as a team vs. team. It’s really fun and competitive, and it rewards quick thinking, quick reflexes, and precision.

The development team has done an incredible job of refining the game and keeping it relevant for so long. Some team members even continued to work on other projects and create crypto games to win. All you need to play PUBG is to buy the original game. The team primarily earns by selling cosmetics and other goodies in the in-game store

GTA online

GTA Online is still popular and more people will return to the game as soon as new DLC is released. This is a long-standing franchise and each new release brings amazing new features that make the game more entertaining. It’s like a theme park filled with mini-games that can make every play session drastically different. You can spend your time using casino life hacks to earn brand new unique rewards like formula cars. Then you can use these vehicles to race, or just drive around and wreak havoc.


There are many popular trading card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but they’ve all struggled to create an engaging digital version of their game. Activision-Blizzard was the first to succeed in this company even though their original TCG failed. Today we have MTG Arena and Master Duel, but Hearthstone came out long before those two, and it still has a huge following. Even after all Activision-Blizzard suffered the recent lawsuit, active user numbers are recovering and growing.

Hearthstone is a cross-platform game which definitely helps it stay relevant, but the development team gets really creative with each expansion when they introduce new mechanics. Of course, as the game gets older, it becomes a balancing issue, so the devs kind of have to do it on the go. New patches always bring improvements and nerfs to certain maps, and some expansions even have new game modes.

League of Legends

MOBA games have defined electronic sports and League of Legends is an example for this genre. Even though the core gameplay hasn’t changed in years, changes to the talent system and champion reworks have made this title completely different from the original release. Watching League in esports is an extremely exciting experience. You can see precision plays so calculated that you are immediately inspired to log on and queue for a new match.

The game also has a lot of depth as it requires coordination, strategy and great attention to detail. The battle of wits starts when selecting champions, because you are all thinking about the right team composition that can at the same time counter the champions chosen by the opposing team.


Unsurprisingly, Minecraft is still one of the most popular online games. Since its release, it has been hailed for its unique design philosophy that gives players a lot of freedom to do whatever they want. Basically, those who are creative get the most out of Minecraft. It’s a game for players of all ages, and its community keeps this world alive and unpredictable. This is just a 3D sandbox without any in-game goals. On paper it might sound weird but in practice it really is a gift that keeps on giving.


One of PUBG’s main rivals is Fortnite. It’s also a battle royale that seems to be more popular with younger audiences. Unlike PUBG, you also collect resources and build your own shelter or vantage point. Many popular streamers made their fortune playing Fortnite, and it quickly became an esports hit.


Counter-Strike is probably the oldest franchise that still exists and is very relevant in the gaming world. CS:GO is a great esports title and it defined the competitive first-person shooter genre. There were other games that rivaled CS like Quake, but they all got left behind. Currently, its main competitors are Overwatch, Call of Duty, Vallorant and APEX Legends. All of them have high player counts and in all likelihood the same people who play all of these FPS. Each brings unique features to the table, but only CS:GO has a whole gambling game where you can bet your skins and win real money.


These are the most played online games in 2022. Of course, this list changes every month, mainly because of DLCs. Whenever one of these titles brings exciting new features, the player base turns their attention to that title until they get bored. Some releases announced for 2022 are potentially huge, like Hogwarts Legacy.

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