The first Xbox Free Games with Gold for April 2022 are now available

From a tycoon builder to a surreal fantasy adventure, Microsoft is revealing the latest free Xbox games included in Gold for April 2022.


One of the biggest highlights of being a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold is that each month players can download and then explore a selection of free Xbox games as part of the subscription. Now players who purchase the service online can tune in today to try out the two games available for April 2022. Although the games included for this month are somewhat niche and contain game mechanics that are not unconventional compared to previous Xbox Live Gold games. , these titles have built a cult following, so subscribers should be sure to at least add the games to their library.


For the uninitiated, Xbox Live Gold is a paid online subscription service run by Microsoft. For all customers who pay a monthly or yearly subscription to Gold, they will have access to exclusive in-store offers on various products, occasional early access to upcoming titles, as well as a few games to try and own for each month of the calendar year. Once a subscriber adds one of the free games to their Xbox library, it will remain playable as long as the player still has Xbox Live Gold.

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This month, subscribers receive Another view and Kaloki Outpost X free as part of Gold. The latter having debuted on the Xbox 360 store, both games received controversial reviews upon release, but have since been re-evaluated by gamers and gaining recognition over the years. While these might be the most commercial offerings, they should satisfy players who love single-player adventure games or light-hearted tycoon builders.

another view

A steampunk-inspired adventure video game set in late Victorian London, Another view is the first version to win. With a focus on British culture and character development, Another view has a Lewis Carroll-esque narrative that will surely appeal to casual gamers who prefer rich storytelling over gameplay. That being said, Another view features a unique gameplay element in that the protagonist is blind and can only explore the environment by using their ears and listening to audio cues.


Kaloki Outpost X is the last free game available for this month. Certain to pique the interest of all fans of Kerbal Space Program, Kaloki Outpost X is a space station tycoon game that asks players to meet the needs of visiting space travelers. On top of that, players must simultaneously attempt to complete challenges and fulfill special victory conditions for each running scenario.

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