The first two free Xbox Games with Gold for March 2022 are available a day early

Xbox Live Gold subscribers get access to free titles for a limited time each month, and players can purchase two of March’s free games a day early.

The Flame in the Deluge Scout exploring an abandoned campsite

Xbox Live Games With Gold has moved into the background somewhat since the launch of Game Pass for PC and consoles. Still, Gold subscribers continue to get access to two or more free games every month.

April 2022 free games include The Flame in the Flood, Sacred 2, street power footballand The truth or the square of spongebob. The first two are available a day earlier, allowing Xbox Live Gold subscribers to download them today, February 28.

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Xbox Live Gold is the minimum system requirement to play most Xbox games online, with the notable exception of free games like fortnite and Apex Legends. It costs around $10 per month individually or $15 when bundled with Game Pass Ultimate. Subscribers can download The Flame in the Flood starting today, February 28, until March 31. During this time, they can enter Sacred 2: Fallen Angel until March 15. Players will have to wait until March 16 to recover street power football Where The truth of spongebob or Square.

Sacred 2 Seraphim fighting the werewolf

For those who don’t know the titles, The flame in the flood is a 2016 roguelike survival game developed by indie studio The Molasses Flood. Players take on the role of a young girl called Scout as she and her dog try to survive an apocalyptic flood. The player must deal with Scout’s energy, thirst, hunger, and heat as she and her dog navigate a large river in their small raft. The game received mixed reviews at launch, but many reviewers gave praise The Flame in The Flood’s survival gameplay despite its flaws.

Meanwhile, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a 2009 open-world action-RPG developed by German studio Ascaron Entertainment and published by Deep Silver. Players choose between seven different classes and determine the fate of a war between two rival factions of High Elves. Players choose between Light and Shadow at the start and stay locked in for the rest of the game. However, the two stories intersect at several points, with examples such as players attacking a town in one path while defending it in the other. However, some players and critics have criticized Sacred 2 to have gender-locked classes, limited character customization options, and numerous technical issues.

No more Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Where The Flame in the Flood were massive hits in the years they came out. However, both games also received a lot of praise for their gameplay design. It’s also a great opportunity for existing Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate users to try out two titles they might have missed.

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