The best Star Wars video games

We are one day away from launching on April 5th of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagaand you can bet we’re blocking some free time to play it.

Updating the long line of LEGO-themed mods from George Lucas’ iconic film series, the new game promises to live up to its name, spanning all nine main films that follow Anakin’s galactic story. Skywalker and his Force-sensitive. offspring.

While the next generation game consoles are just waiting to be renewed star wars adventures, the timing couldn’t be better – that’s why we’re taking a lightspeed trip down memory lane to scream the greatest of star wars titles that have crossed consoles (and PCs). Our top pick won’t surprise anyone who’s played star wars games for a long time – but that’s no reason to run away from fate. In agreement with The Skywalker Sagaof nine movies, here’s our nine-game countdown of the best star wars video games that have ever been.

9. Star Wars: Squadrons

Dogfighting is great, but the thing that really chills the deal for Star Wars: Squadrons is how fantastic it looks.

A space combat game that takes cockpit simulation to the next level, SquadronsThe story takes place right after the events of the original film trilogy and sets you on a campaign path to become an ace pilot in alternate flight groups for the New Republic and the lingering remnants of the Empire. But multiplayer is where Squadrons really shines, with both a dogfight mode and a team-based Fleet Battle mode, which lets you attack the enemy’s capital ship in a five-pilot sortie. Play it in VR for the full immersive experience.

8. Star Wars: Dark Forces

LucasArts first person premiere star wars the shooter may have borrowed a trick or two from LOSSbut he was still ahead of his time. Star Wars: Dark Forces introduced a whole host of FPS conventions that gamers take for granted today, from multi-directional view controls to vertically scaling obstacles with a jump button. For a game from the mid-1990s, it also looked incredible to follow franchise newcomer Kyle Katarn through a mercenary quest to stop the Empire from upgrading their stormtrooper technology.

The lore was fresh, and it’s even popped up lately: The Dark Trooper project that Kyle is trying to thwart ends up spawning the namesake battlebots that Luke slices like butter in the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.

7. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

We are excited about the imminent release of a new Lego Star Wars game that dives into the full story of all nine films, but by the mid-2000s, LEGO was already on the case with an incredibly charming take that showed just how much the star wars the universe could be – even in adorable blocky form.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga lived up to its name at the time, covering all of the plot territory of the first six films in the main film cycle. Kids will never tire of LEGO-themed games that were inspired by Batman and star warsbut there are tons of fun stories for grown-ups too – and whatever your age, the game’s sprawling set of playable characters and deceptively deep action-adventure gameplay will have you on board the Mos Eisley’s first freighter.

6. Star Wars: Battlefront II

Not to be confused with EA’s still awesome game of the same name from 2017, the original Star Wars: Battlefront II sizzled like a freshly lit lightsaber when it arrived from LucasArts in 2005.

Boasting a massive multiplayer mode that pushed the internet connections of many gamers in the early 2000s to the limit, Battlefront II evolved the formula of its predecessor by pairing it with a single-player campaign featuring none other than Temura Morrison, who voiced the player character as a Republic Separatist clone. Battlefront II nailed the key, gotta have it main star wars ingredient too: no matter how hard you played, there was always a new planet to explore and new weapons to try out – and it was all bolstered by a choose-your-path character progression that compelled you (pun intended) choose a Jedi or Sith path.

5. Star Wars Episode 1: Runner

Who said the middle trilogy didn’t inspire a great video game? Star Wars Episode 1: Runner was the perfect star wars experience to put on the Nintendo 64 console, recapturing the most exciting setting from young Anakin’s time on the big screen on Tatooine. The result was a series of podracing canyon explosions that evoked the film better than the technology of the 1999 game had the right to. A lot of racing fans can’t get into games that don’t have, you know, real cars. Corn Star Wars Episode 1: Runner was the game that converted an entire generation to the idea that speed brings thrills no matter what galactic whip you drive.

4. Star Wars: Rogue Leader – Rogue Squadron 2

LucasArts and Nintendo hit the big time with star wars‘ The GameCube debut, letting Luke (or Wedge) pilot their X-Wings through a mission-based version of the original three-movie trilogy. However, the X-Wings were just the start: Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 let players drive the Millennium Falcon and tons of more classic ships, all in hellish tours of some of the movies’ most iconic battle locations.

To date, there hasn’t been a better video game version of the Death Star trench from the original. star wars than the one that will make you sweat Rogue 2 Squadron.

3. Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order

EA has done an amazing job with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Ordersurprising fans with a long single-player story that innovated while increasing the difficulty with clever battles reminiscent of the famously difficult souls series.

Searching for Jedi secrets in the aftermath of Order 66, ex-padawan Cal Kestis wielded a lightsaber in more immersive battles than any star wars game to date. Fallen order nailed everything a Jedi could do, in fact: from wall jumping to Force pushes that knocked enemies back, harnessing the power of a Jedi has never felt so real. Bonus points go to Fallen orderalso, for introducing the small shoulder droid BD-1 – the best new star wars ‘bot since BB-8.

2. Star Wars: TIE Fighter

From the same DNA as its predecessor Star Wars: X-Wing series, Star Wars: TIE Fighter took everything that was already great about piloting an X-Wing…and handed it over to the enemy.

TIE-Fighter brought a true flight sim feel to the piloting experience of the Empire’s villainous starfighter through a mission-based story set among the villains, and from start to finish it fully engaged the dark side. We have to admit that TIE Fighters are some of the coolest ships in all of sci-fi, and it’s crazy to think that the best game to put them front and center still comes from 1994. Almost 30 years after its release, it’s always the best way to discover the star wars universe through the eyes of the wicked.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

You don’t have to use the Force to feel that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would sit at the top of this list.

BioWare worked its RPG magic under the direction of LucasArts for an early 2000s game that remains in the conversation for one of the greatest RPGs – of any franchise – ever made. Returning to a time thousands of years before the familiar events of the movies feels as fresh now as it did then, and KOTORThe incredibly deep underpinnings of the RPG created a story full of consequences whose every choice made a difference in alignment with the Force your Jedi would ultimately become.

The score of Skyrim the composer Jeremy Soule evokes the star wars universe in a way that even George Lucas and John Williams would admire, and it frames a sweeping RPG that captured the epic feel of being part of hugely important events at the dawn of the star wars chronology. A PlayStation 5 and PC remake of KOTOR is currently in development, and we can’t wait: no other star wars The game has always so successfully and immersively taken players into the galaxy far, far away.

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