The best space video games that can become movies; “Dead Space”, “Titan Fall” and more!

Space video games are among the most popular title genres. It offers both sci-fi and action mechanics, which can really attract many gamers who like intense gaming experience.

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A classic video game ‘Space Invaders’ is displayed at the Science Museum October 20, 2006 in London. The museum’s Game On exhibit features 120 classic and modern computer games.

Apart from the game mechanics, their storylines are also executed well. For this reason, some space video games are deemed to be great if they become TV series or movies.

The Best Space Video Games That Can Become Movies

Espace.Com shared some of the best space-themed video games that can become movies or TV series. These include in particular the following:

The best space video games that can become movies;

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Visitors use virtual reality headsets and touch controllers to play a Star Trek video game during the Making Games conference during International Games Week on April 26, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The event is intended to showcase independent video game design in a city known for its technology and internet-related startups.

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‘Dead space’

Unlike other space titles, this one relies on the fear factor to attract players. “Dead Space” offers sci-fi and horror gaming experiences.

Some critics even said that this video game title could become a better movie compared to “The Thing” movie.


Besides “Dead Space”, another great track is “Prey” (2017 and 2006 releases). This video game shows that humanity has encountered a hostile alien race with psychic powers.


“Destiny” is another space title that can become a great movie or TV series. Created by Sony and Bungie, this popular video game is set in a vast sci-fi fantasy universe.

Players are assigned to be the Guardians, the protector of Earth’s last safe city. Due to its stunning graphics and storyline, many critics have argued that “Destiny” should become a movie or movie series.

Best space games 2022

Besides space video games that are great if they become movies, there are also space-themed titles that have great game mechanics.

Now here are the best space PC games in 2022, as reported pc games:

  • “Splitgate: Arena War”
  • “Star Trek” online
  • “Star Clash”
  • “Eve” online
  • “No Man’s Sky”
  • “Stellaris”
  • “Kerbal Space Program”
  • “Dual Universe”
  • Homeworld Remastered Collection
  • “Splitgate: Arena War”

If you want to see more details about these games that effectively represent space, you can see this link.

Meanwhile, “Disney Speedstorm” pre-registration recently opened for PC and console players.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch sales target has been lowered by the console maker as it is still affected by the ongoing chip shortages.

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