The 10 Most Confusing Video Games, According to Reddit

Fans enjoy a game with a great story, but it can’t have too many unwarranted twists. One of the great things about video games is that they give people the opportunity to get in on the action like an interactive storybook. It helps them bond more closely with the characters and get swept up in all the ins and outs of a truly great story. Plus, a good, complex story can build franchise loyalty, with fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of their favorite game series.

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However, some games have such a complex story that players get completely lost when trying to keep up. The addition of characters, time loops, multiple enemies, and fantastical events make the games exciting, but can often require a fan to do extensive research into the game’s story just to keep up. Redditors love these games a lot, but couldn’t help but feel that the following titles had a little too much going for them.


NieR: Automata

fight of nier automata 2b

Many Reddit users were not personal fans of the title they chose as the most complicated: NieR: Automata. “So many people revere this game and its story, but I feel like it tries too hard to be deep and mysterious,” they said.

NieR: Automata is set in 11945 AD and follows a war between androids and an army of otherworldly machines. A lot of imagination certainly went into creating this game, and the visual effects were outstanding, but the story may have gone too far to be too complex.

Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite Next-Gen Upgrade Rumors

Included between Bioshock InfiniteWith its stunning graphics and steampunk aesthetic, the game has gathered quite a few cosplay fans. Moreover, the convoluted story and lore made players play the game over and over again just to capture every little bit of information they might have missed.

This was what the user iRubixx did, stating that each time they played, they would learn something new. However, they stated that BioShock Infinite took “a few replays and a lot of research” before they really figured out what was going on. While there were many things in Bioshock Infinite which worked, the convoluted story put off some players.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade Senua Sacrifice Critique Art

Editor ariannegreyjoy was interested in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice but said they “barely played an hour” before having to quit, feeling “confused and scared”.

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The game is set in the Viking Age and feels like a psychological thriller. The protagonist, Senua, is a Celtic warrior who has suffered severe trauma and suffers from psychosis. Players take on the role of Senua as she embarks, through a vision, on a quest through hell to save the soul of her deceased lover. The game dramatically distorts ideas of reality, aiming to give players the experience of someone who suffered mentally like Senua.

Kingdom Hearts

Play Kingdom Hearts Sora in Smash Bros.

The first one Kingdom Hearts The game was released in 2002, and gamers were intrigued by the mix of characters from Square and Disney. With Kingdom Hearts‘ With the main character, Sora, joined by Donald and Goofy, some might have expected a simple Disney-type story, but it wasn’t.

Not only was the story convoluted, but the long period of time between sequel releases made it even harder for players to keep up. An editor in chief said they “mainly followed up to KH2, then [got] totally lost and didn’t even complete the game,” sharing that the intersecting story made them feel “stupid.”

Solid metal gear

Solid snake pointing a gun in Metal Gear Solid 2.

the Reddit user who shared Solid metal gear as their choice for the most complicated game indicated that the game was “a given” and they were unsure how “anyone can follow this plot”.

The fans know it Solid metal gear has a lot of hidden details that keep players confused. The games are a series of stealth adventures that follow Solid Snake, a genetically engineered soldier. Between gene therapy, gigantic robotic weapons, a massive political conspiracy theory, and various versions of “Snake,” it would be next to impossible for anyone to pick up this story halfway through without a lot of research beforehand.

SaGa frontier 2

SaGa Frontier was an open world RPG on PS1 before it was cool - SaGa Frontier Remastered Fuse Final Battle Image

SaGa frontier 2 is a game developed by Square Enix, known for its complicated stories. The game follows two different storylines that are seemingly unrelated: a king’s journey to reclaim his throne and another of a young man trying to come to terms with the death of his parents.

Editor TurkishTurklé said that when they were playing they had no idea what was going on and would end up quitting the game and never starting it again. But then they said “years later I watched a guide for this and it turns out I was less than an hour away from the best ending” because the two storylines finally met with great effect.

Path of exile

Path of Exile Harvest Oshabi

The online action RPG Path of exile takes place in a fantasy world. Players can choose a class and the story will progress based on that choice. The player character is exiled to a land called Wraeclast, where they must slay monsters that threaten other exiles residing there.

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Editor cavissi cited it as “the least intuitive game to pick up and play”. They said they enjoyed it overall, but the fact that the story has so many things that are never explained and the lack of instructions on how the skills work make it a “difficult road to learn. what is even happening”.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

the Final Fantasy the games have many characters and distinct storylines for each of their main titles. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, two sisters named Serah and Noel go to a realm called Valhalla to find Serah’s sister, Lightning. The game features time travel, which always makes for a very confusing story.

Editor SnowArcaten said “It’s about temporal paradoxes. There is a creature in [the] game that went in the past to create“, stating that playing this tile hurt their brains.


The story in Blasphemous is an allegory of religion. The land in the game is ruled by a force known as “The Miracle”, which will sometimes bestow blessings and other times dispense cruelty, turning citizens into cursed creatures. With the parallels between real-world religion and game theologies, this metaphor gets messy very quickly.

“There’s a lot of crazy bullshit going on in Blasphemous“says Redditor EarthDragon2189“Wikis/forums are essential to understand this story.”

Children of a dead land

Children of a Dead Land is a game about war in space. Players can design their own spaceship and control them in fleets, see if they can defeat their enemies in battle. This game is a true science lover’s dream, as it uses realistic science and technology.

Although the story is not that complicated, Redditor Brenden1k chose this game because it’s “a rocket science lesson disguised as a fighting game”. For someone with the aptitude for such things, the game might be a lot of fun, but others may find Children of a Dead Land be far too confusing.

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