Steam free games: TikTok fans are welcome to the “Next Fest” to get many free games

Who doesn’t love free games? Steam has an event that happens once in a while where players can get a load of free games by playing demos. TikTok fans and gamers are all welcome to check out the Next Fest event where new games are expected to release.

Steam free games on the Next Fest event

According to Polygon’s story, players who are particularly fond of getting free games and trying them out will be able to do so at Next Fest on Steam. The digital event is currently live and it actually allows players to try “hundreds of demos”.

The games included in the Next Fest event that players can try for free are Neon White, an upcoming game from Annapurna Interactive, and The Wandering Village, a game that has started to become popular with many TikTok users.

What makes the next Fest event interesting

The Wandering Village was actually featured in Polygon’s own Cool WIP column. At the moment, Next Fest is already up and running and will run until February 28, Money.

This virtual festival will allow players to try out new games and even “interact with their developers” through discussions and live streams of the event. To add on, those interested can check out the full list of events and what’s happening on Steam.

The Wandering Village game: why is it so popular?

According to Valve, there are hundreds of demos that are included in the Next Fest event, so knowing where to start can be quite confusing. Some of the games already have a following with gamers excited to check out the game.

The first game that already has a sequel is Stray Fawn Studios’ The Wandering Village. The game is designed as a city building game where players can try to build developments on the back of a huge wandering beast.

Other Games Available on Steam’s Upcoming Festival

At the moment, The Wandering Village already has a few fans on TikTok. Windows users will be able to try out the game demo as part of the Next Fest event.

As for the faster action, there is another game called Neon White by Annapurna Interactive. According to the game’s teaser and demo, it looks like an extremely fast-paced FPS game that feels like both a challenge and an interesting shooter.

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Hero Hour strategy game free demo on Steam

For players who are more into playing strategy games, there is a game called Hero’s Hour. The game allows players and their friends to build cities and armies and essentially expand “on a procedurally generated map”.

According to the Polygon article, now is the time for gamers to try out some new games for free as part of Steam’s Next Fest virtual event.

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