Stadia Pro subscribers get 7 free games for the month of December

Google’s game streaming platform Stadia typically offers 4 free games at a time with its Pro membership, which costs just $ 9.99 per month. This typically keeps around 30-40 titles per cycle that subscribers can claim upon signing up and paying the initial cost, which is incredible value considering the normal cost of each game.

For the month of December, Stadia is very generous, perhaps as a Christmas present to its community, by adding a total of seven free games to the Pro lineup! This means that anyone who signs up for the holidays or receives a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle as a gift will immediately have access to 44 games to play.

From December 1, 2021, you can claim TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, Wreckfest, Destroy All Humans, Falconeer Warrior Edition, Foreclosed and Little Nightmares (Yes, this is the first repeat Pro game!). A little later, on December 10, 2021, Unto The End, an initially delayed title, will be released on Stadia Pro, so you can add it to your library too, as long as it is not checked again.

Finally, be aware that if you haven’t claimed Everspace and Darksiders 2 yet, you have until November 30, just one week, to do so. At that point, they’ll be leaving the Pro line, so grab them while you can! With all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at each headline you get for December. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know which ones interest you the most, and as always, have fun!


There is no Stadia trailer for this title yet.

With Earth under invasion and MEGATRON, leader of the Decepticons on the verge of capturing The Allspark, BUMBLEBEE and the Autobots need a new commander to help them restore peace to the universe – you! Gather your team and go for it, for a tactical turn-based warfare that will rage from Central City to Cybertron itself. You will need both strength and strategy to outsmart the evil Decepticons.

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Evan Kapnos’ identity has been foreclosed, stripped of his job, brain implants and access to the Block-chain city, he must now escape the city before his identity and implants are sold at auction.

Discover and unlock new abilities with an RPG-like skill system. Upgrade your weapon’s potential with futuristic customizations and upgrade your brain with implants that offer almost superhuman abilities!


The Falconer: Warrior Edition

Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird. Explore a breathtaking ocean world and take part in epic air battles. Play as the falconer and embark on a journey of discovery to solve the mystery of the Ursee, its people and its history.

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition includes the fully updated game, plus “The Hunter” add-on content, adding a new player class with a flyable Ormir dragon and a set of pyro pot guided rockets, alongside the add-on. -on “Edge of the World”. on the content, containing 3 additional side quests and new boss encounters.


Until the end

Unto The End is a hand-crafted cinematic platformer game about a desperate homecoming.

As the adventure unfolds, the decisions you make can have consequences not only for you, but also for the creatures you encounter. Mastery of combat is essential, but combat is not always the only way. Overcoming adversity can sometimes be best achieved through sharpness of perception.

Ruthless terrain, fierce opponents, and a shortage of supplies mean there is little room for respite. Through the suffocating darkness of icy caverns and the biting winds of harsh mountain peaks, every step weighs heavily with the relentless struggle to get home.


Wreck Festival

Wreckfest is a demolition derby themed racing game with bodily damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrade, featuring both demolition derby and more traditional track racing. It’s all about fun, frantic racing and excessive accidents.

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Destroy all humans

The cult classic is back! Terrorize the inhabitants of 1950s Earth as the evil alien Crypto-137. Harvest DNA and overthrow the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. A giant leap for humanity! Come to Stadia.


Little nightmares

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark and whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Help Six escape the Maw, a vast and mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupt souls in search of their next meal.

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