SpaceFalcon is creating a new path for the future of video games with its immersive metaverse that rewards players for winning the wide galaxies

NFTs for in-game items mean players own and control what they buy, earn, or craft. This goes beyond proving the rarity of the item; it opens the door to infinite scalability. The most important benefit that NFT gaming brings is that it allows players to retain the value of their investments. Space Falcon is a game that uses virtual assets to go further by introducing planets, spaceships and galaxies.

Space Falcon is an inter-galactic metaverse game created on Solana, featuring the space shooter and premium SciFi NFTs from the cosmos and beyond. Players will explore many galaxies and collect NFTs as they progress through the game. In Space Falcon, NFT items can be traded in and out of the game ecosystem. It can be lent, staked, or borrowed for rewards. The experience includes a neutral planet called MetaGround, where players can socialize with numerous players and trade mission-critical assets.

The Space Falcon PvE web minigame is live. The fun game features the classic space shooter theme and will continually improve over time. Players with good gameplay will be rewarded in the coming weeks, so be sure to start playing so you don’t miss out. The value of FCON is tied to the growth of the Space Falcon metaverse, which is why the use of FCON in the Space Falcon metaverse is huge. FCON will be awarded to the top ranked players and awarded based on their playtime. FCON can be earned through ownership of in-game assets, such as virtual land, to which other players can pay taxes to access.

Space Falcon intends to use the Metaplex frameworks to allow gamers, artists and creators to develop and launch their NFTs and auctions. Metaplex integrates tools directly connected to the Solana blockchain, which makes it cost-effective and easy to use. Connect with them on their website

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