Some PS Plus Subscribers Not Happy With April 2022 Free Games

The free April PlayStation Plus lineup is now available, but some PS Plus subscribers are disappointed with the games Sony is offering.

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PlayStation Plus will soon offer users a choice of 3 levels. The Essential tier works the same as PS Plus in its current form, but the Extra and Premium tiers will give players access to hundreds of additional games. PS Plus Premium also offers other benefits, such as the ability to download PS1, PS2 and PSP titles and play PS3 games via cloud streaming.

Sony will continue to offer free games each month, although this number will be reduced to two per month from three. April’s PlayStation Plus lineup was announced last week and includes Hood: Outlaws and Legends, kill the arrowand SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated. All three games are now available to subscribers.


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Some users on the PlayStation Plus subreddit discuss their disappointments with the games on offer this month. PlayStation Plus is required to play online multiplayer on PS4 and PS5, and one user wonders if people will subscribe to PS Plus if multiplayer isn’t tied to the service. However, many gamers say they don’t play online games, sp they were particularly disappointed with this month’s lineup. It’s worth noting that this thread was specifically created to discuss reviews of free April PS Plus games, so negative opinions may dominate most of the conversations in this article.

One user thinks PS Plus is still worth it, and exclusive discounts make up for the cost of subscription. On the other hand, some players claim that they will reconsider their subscription to PS Plus once the revamped levels are introduced. Further down, some users wonder if there is even reason to complain about games distributed via PS Plus due to its reasonably low price.

A few users are also sharing their specific issues with the April PlayStation Plus lineup, with many calling Hood: Outlaws and Legends a dead multiplayer game. Moreover, some members claim that these games are too old and were previously available at extremely low prices.

Some subscribers probably believe that the PlayStation Plus redesign will negatively impact the quality of games that are distributed as part of the Essential tier. For example, Sony offered Final Fantasy 7 Remake to PS Plus subscribers in March 2021, but similar games won’t be able to be added to Extra and Premium tiers until the change is rolled out. The same scenario presumably happened with Games with Gold, with the quality decreasing as Microsoft focused on Xbox Game Pass.

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