Shenmue, Mortal Kombat and Firewatch

I feel festive for the first time this year! What is all this? I am going to visit the house, enjoy Christmas and see my siblings who both live abroad! My brother is actually very excited for me to bring the Xbox home because we will be able to play FIFA against each other for the first time in years. It will be like the good old days when he would stand a foot away from the screen and I would get cranky and pretend it gave him an unfair advantage.

When I’m done with this, though, I kind of want to see some freebies. And good God, the holiday season is up to the task. I get everything from aliens and ravenous sharks to backstabbing intrigue and a constant daily flow of free gifts. Let’s go, will you?

Shenmue 3 / Credit: Deep Silver

We wish you an epic Christmas

Epic Games brings you a festive giveaway for fancy pants! You get a free game every day, so you’ll need to be on the spot to get it! Today it’s Shenmue III, a game that divides a lot and the final of the Shenmue trilogy. Mike had a lot to say about this in his review when it was released in 2019:

Shenmue III is the most wonderfully enigmatic video game of 2019. It’s a title perfectly of its time, of this time.”

However, this is not the kind of game that he would recommend if you haven’t been through the Shenmue series since 1999.

“Unlike most modern games, which would set the scene more fully before you jump into the action, it just starts where the last game left off. Didn’t play. Shenmue II? Pity.”

If you are planning on getting into the show, it’s worth it Shenmue III in your library when you return and delve into the world of Ryo Hazuki and his story of revenge and martial arts. See for yourself if that justifies Mike’s “IDK / 10” score!

Among Us / Credit: InnerSloth LLC
Among Us / Credit: InnerSloth LLC

Insert a joke among us here

If you haven’t played yet Among us outside of your laptop or mobile, it’s now available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. With winter upon us, there’s no better time to go back to voice chat with your friends and foes, jump in the vent, and lose faith in those you thought you loved again. It’s free, why not?

Firewatch / Credit: Campo Santo
Firewatch / Credit: Campo Santo

Fire watch is a really fun game to play. Her peaceful nature combined with a disturbing personal story makes the mystery of Campo Santo gripping from the start, and when you start digging deeper, you won’t want to let go of this game.

It’s visually stunning and connects to the player just as well as when it was released in 2016.

It is available on Xbox Game Pass for Cloud, Console, and PC, and you would be CRAZY to miss it.

Mortal Kombat 11 / Credit: Warner Bros.
Mortal Kombat 11 / Credit: Warner Bros.

Are you a fan of fighting games? Finding complex combos for hours on end to bring your opponent into an endless loop of constant pain?

Mortal Kombat 11 is available on Xbox Game Pass for cloud, console and PC right now, and if you’ve been looking for a fighting game to jump into, now is the right time.

You can play as Rambo, Robocop, and The Joker in the Ultimate Edition, but if you’re not sure yet if you want to get started, definitely download the Game Pass version. All of your favorite MK icons like Liu Kang and Johnny Cage are well represented here, and the community looks pretty cool. They started a petition to get Shaggy to Scooby doo in the horrible fighter, and ultimately, Mortal combat Creator Ed Boon shared a video in which Shaggy defeats the MK Scorpion icon. What a treat.

And who knows, maybe you’ll see Ryan Reynolds in the next episode.

Well, it’s high time I left. I’m going to have to have dinner for a bit and go shopping. I’m going to make a stir-fry and I don’t have any bean sprouts. I don’t want to miss Useless this afternoon either, so I’ll catch up with you later.

Oh, and maybe I’ll re-download Among us so that I can force my friends to despise me as soon as possible. Have a good weekend and I hope you are feeling as festive as possible! Don’t let the dwindling stocks of PS5 and Xbox Series X spoil your Christmas cheer, and keep an eye on the Epic Games Store for those daily drops!

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