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It’s crazy to think that we’re already well into March and looking to the PS Plus lineup for April 2022. It’s been a solid year so far for the service and we’re still looking forward to more news on the Spartacus service that is planned. start in the spring.

Here’s everything we know so far about the April 2022 lineup for PS Plus, including when to expect the announcement and when the games will be available.

PS Plus April 2022 announcement and release

Fortunately, Sony follows a pretty strict set of deadlines for every PS Plus announcement and release. We can expect the official blog post detailing the games on Wednesday, March 30. The games will then be available for free download on Tuesday, April 5.

Each month, the announcement takes place on the last Wednesday while the games are free to download on the following Tuesday. The only time this changes is when the last Wednesday of the month is positioned so that the following Tuesday is not part of the following calendar month.

April 2022 PS Plus Free Games

While we’re floating around mid-March, there are currently no strong leaks or rumors suggesting which games will be part of PS Plus in April. There was an attempt to start a rumor that Ghostwire: Tokyo would be slightly delayed to launch as a free-to-play game, but we can safely say that this Won’t do happens.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo will not be part of the service despite an attempt to falsely rumor

The best place to look for early leaks is on Dealabs where many previous months have been leaked with great accuracy. That doesn’t mean that every month will eventually be published on the site, but for now, it’s the best place to get ahead of the official announcement.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest news, leaks, and reveals once they happen!

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