Recent movies inspired by online games

The entertainment genres of online gaming and filmmaking are increasingly intertwined, as movie stars lend their personal brands to top game titles, and the film industry goes wild, churning out films that are either loosely based on video games or directly inspired by them.

There are, of course, some truly classic movies based on games that have managed to capture the imagination of moviegoers everywhere, such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Queen of Katwe.

However, here we are more interested in those recent movies, which have released to varying degrees of success, but all owe their storylines or storylines to online gaming in one way or another.

As the popularity of classic online games like chess continues to explode, film directors and producers are scrambling to find new game stories to tell

Classic games continue to attract producers and directors

If there’s one game genre that constantly has producers and directors trying to outdo themselves, it has to be classic games. These include everything from board games like chess to card games like poker. Maybe it’s because these games continue to tell crazy stories that get featured in newspapers like Poker News and World Chess as the games evolve, along with the incredible personalities who play them. Some of the more recent chess films that have gained mainstream traction include Critical Thinking, which was released in 2020, and The Coldest Game, which hit the big screen in 2019. Meanwhile, it is believed that Trevor Noah is looking to produce an upcoming chess film based on the life and times of a Nigerian chess player, who used the game to change his life. There’s no official release date or title yet, but it’s definitely a project to watch. Poker, meanwhile, has no shortage of relatively new movies for card game fanatics. The Card Counter released in September 2021 and married a complex protagonist who used his card counter abilities to overcome his charged past. Of course, you can’t really count cards in poker, but that seems to be irrelevant.

Another good poker movie on the horizon is Poker Face, which is directed by none other than Hollywood titan Russell Crowe. The movie is supposed to be about a tech billionaire who runs a private poker game, where he plans to try and humiliate some of his old buddies from back in the day. It is unclear at this time whether he will succeed or go bankrupt in the process.

All the movies on this list are worth a giant bucket of popcorn and a good shot of soda.

Huge game franchises are still all the rage

While classic games will always have some appeal for a large subsection of the movie-going audience, it’s the huge video game franchises whose films have really taken off, to become major box office hits.

This was evident with the recent Warcraft movie which grossed $433 million at box offices worldwide, as well as Tomb Raider which continues to entertain audiences, thanks to its new heroine, Alicia Vikander.

There doesn’t seem to be any respite from these kinds of productions, for even if such a production is universally slammed by critics, it will always prove to fetch a hefty sum of money, due to the dedication and loyalty of many online game fans. show off their favorite franchises and brands.

It’s for this reason that 2022 will see the release of movies like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Mario Bros., Minecraft: The Movie, and Metal Gear Solid. However, it must be said that many film adaptations of video games remain optioned for years by certain Hollywood production companies, without them ever seeing the light of day.

The concern is often that a game’s popularity could suddenly decline, meaning that any film based on it would struggle to break into what is such a competitive industry.

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