Rainbow Six, ‘Danganronpa’ and Hitman

It was the week of the so-called “Blue Monday”. The saddest day of the year. Of course, it’s not really the saddest day of the year – it was invented by pseudoscientific nonsense as part of an advertising campaign for a travel company in the 2000s. hope you’re doing well with the January blues, which I’m sure is a real thing in the real world.

That’s right, it’s a blue month, not just a blue day.

What better way to cheer you up than free games, then? It’s exactly what you need: more games to add to your backlog and enjoy when you should probably continue with that knitting hobby you said you’d start for the new year.

So here are my free games this week that can be picked up on subscription services – real gems this time around!

Rainbow Six Siege extraction / Credit: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six and Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular competitive games right now, and there seems to be no better time than the present to give it a try. It also rewards high-level gameplay and extreme mechanical skill, making it an extremely popular esport as well as its playability with a group of friends. Even Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard is in on the action, with his ownership of a Seat team showing how mainstream the gaming world is becoming.

So if you haven’t been lucky enough to gather some friends to play it, Rainbow Six Siege is free on PC Game Pass right now!

Why don’t I sweeten the deal a little more too?

What if I told you there’s a new rainbow six did it just come out?

It’s true, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is here, and you can play it for free if you have the right subscriptions. It is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass and offers cooperative multiplayer gameplay where you fend off parasitic-like aliens in a team of up to three players.

Julien described it as Seat‘s “mutant co-op cousin” in his preview.

“It looks like it has the bones of a good night out with friends,” according to Julian, who sold me. Maybe it will replace war zone as a team reference!

Relicta / Credit: Ravenscourt
Relicta / Credit: Ravenscourt

Free puzzles with Relicta

Relic is something a little different from what you might be used to, especially if the prospect of Extraction made you salivate. It is a 2020 first-person puzzle game created by developer Mighty Polygon and features fascinating physics mechanics with gravity bending and weird magnetism coming into play.

It’s a really interesting game and free on the Epic Games Store if you want to find yourself stranded on a lunar base and uncover its deepest secrets. There’s political intrigue and speculation about the future, a truly striking visual style, and a unique set of powers at your disposal. It might just be a new favorite.

Danganronpa / Credit: Spike Chunsoft
Danganronpa / Credit: Spike Chunsoft

In a surprise launch this week, we saw Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition do on PC and Xbox Game Pass. What a treat, both for fans of the series and those of us who don’t know.

Originally released in 2010 on PSP and later ported to mobile devices, the Danganronpa The series exploded in popularity after the release of this game, revolutionizing the visual novel genre.

The game puts you in the shoes of a high school student who finds himself fighting for his life in a battle royale. It happens all the time, to be fair. Keep your head down at break time.

A bizarre evil teddy bear forces the students to kill each other by offering them the chance to escape by committing murder and not getting caught.

fans of the ace lawyer (like me) will be keen to give this game a chance, offering the combination of school life and investigating crimes and “class trials”, forcing you into action and finding the killer .

It’s a wild concept, and I love a good murder mystery. Definitely something to pick up.

Hitman 3 / Credit: Square Enix
Hitman 3 / Credit: Square Enix

Wait, seriously? All Hitman the reboot trilogy is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass? You read correctly.

My favorite game in any given year when they come out, the Hitman The trilogy began in 2016, creating a fantastic sandbox for would-be assassins. With a wide variety of hilarious and remarkable death traps scattered across each map, stunning locations like race car tracks, fashion shows and stately homes, and the tongue-in-cheek tone the trilogy takes on, you’ll be one happy camper. if you have never tried these games before.

Agent 47 is in great shape. Seriously. He goes out with bangers like, when he serves someone poison, he’ll say “try the sushi. That’s die for” in the most smug way possible. I think he goes home and laughs at his words after each job, and plans new ones in anticipation of the day ahead.

If you haven’t played Hitman, Hitman 2, Where Hitman 3, What are you waiting for? If you still need convincing one way or another, Julian absolutely loved it too. It’s not just me, I promise.

Game Pass continues to be a joy to behold. Absolutely wild what they keep shooting. But it’s not the only place to land a swag deal. Humble Bundle offers the excellent Mafia definitive edition until the end of the month. What a time to live.

I hope you like some of these games and enjoy them with all your heart! The January blues can easily be thwarted by shooting wealthy Illuminati members like a bald man with a barcode. That’s real science, I’ve read about it.

Have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you next time.

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