PS Plus model delights subscribers for March 2022 free games

Sony has yet to reveal the free PlayStation Plus games for March 2022, but years past have been thrilling fans to see what’s to come.

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PlayStation Plus is a must-have subscription service for anyone who regularly plays PS4 or PS5, as it not only allows users to play online multiplayer games, but also gives them free games every month. Generally speaking, the PlayStation Plus free games program has been well received by fans, although there have been a few months off, February 2022 certainly being one of them.

The Free PS Plus Games February 2022 have not been well received by the community and have in fact been widely criticized online for various reasons. Free PS Plus Games Like EA Sports UFC 4 and Planet Coaster: Console Edition can be good games, but they are also relatively niche games with limited appeal. And then there is Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep: A Unique Adventure in Wonderlandwhich is simply reused Borderlands 2 DLC that’s nearly a decade old at this point and sells for just $9.99 anyway, making February 2022 one of the weakest months in PS Plus history.


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Given that the February 2022 free PS Plus games were a hit for many subscribers, it’s understandable that fans are already looking forward to what’s to come in March. Sony hasn’t revealed the free PS Plus games for March 2022 at the time of this writing, and likely won’t until Wednesday February 23rd, but years past have already thrilled fans to see what free games will be on offer. .

As Reddit user kabirsingh84 pointed out, March has generally been a strong month for the PlayStation Plus program, especially in recent years. Last March, heavyweights like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Vestige: ashesplus a bonus VR game in the form of Far point. March 2020 was headlined by The shadow of the colossusas 2019 included Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The witness.

March 2018’s free PS Plus games were also impressive, with subscribers able to snag the likes of transmitted by blood and the 2016 Ratchet & Clank game for their digital libraries. For some reason, Sony has made sure to go all out with its PlayStation Plus deals in March for four consecutive years, and so it’ll be interesting to see if the pattern holds true when the March 2022 games are announced.

Again, the free March 2022 PS Plus games won’t be announced for a few weeks, so subscribers should stay tuned for more information.

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