PS Plus Free Games March 2022 Will Be A Bomb, One Way Or Another

As a subscription service, PSMore always changes. Once upon a time, it offered two games before switching and having a solid mix of quality and quantity of games before recently settling at three games/month. PS Plus leaks dominated discussion around every release for months, until they mysteriously ended earlier this year. And, for just a few months, free PS Plus games were even somewhat predictable because, with new releases of the service, Sony telegraphed the day, date and pre-order details (or lack thereof) in advance. .


It’s fun to watch, sure, as PS Plus shifts from model to model and tactic to tactic. However, fans think PS Plus still has a trick for March 2022, and that wait could be a good thing or a bad thing.

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Why March 2022 PS Plus Free Games Are Already So ​​Successful


The March 2022 PS Plus free games have not been officially revealed, nor reliably disclosed. They haven’t really leaked unreliably either. Fans can expect their real reveal on February 23, but until then, fans have no idea what it will be. That didn’t stop the hype for two major reasons.

PS Plus subscribers have recently pointed out that March is generally one of the best months for PS Plus. Last year, fans had Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Remnant: From The Ashes, Farpoint, and more. The previous year, the service headlined The shadows of the colossus next to Sonic forces. In 2019, fans had Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as his big release (and was joined by Tit testifies). The year 2018 also had an attractive game for the majority, but the previous years weren’t really remarkable.

For this reason, some believe that March 2022 must be so big. At the same time, there is a second factor: the free PS Plus games of February 2022 have not been very popular. There have been many times in the past where Sony has had a big month to ‘make up’ for a bad month, and combining these two schools of thought leads to one conclusion: PS Plus free games March 2022 will be a bomb.

It’s also worth mentioning that fans know GTA online will be some kind of PS Plus bonus game for March, and that’s a point for a big month. But it’s not a title that comes out on the first Tuesday of March, and it’s not a promise one way or another as to how good the month will be. For all fans, this is by far the biggest game of the month.

PS Plus Free Games For March 2022 + Managing Expectations

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The thing is, from that conclusion, there are two ways PS Plus could go next month. If it catches up with February and continues the trend of March, the games could also be huge and appreciated. This could be the biggest month in recent months for PS Plus subscribers. Or, like everything in the gaming industry, PS Plus free games for March 2022 could be a flop. It could be another month, just like February 2022, and if that’s the case, it stands to reason that PS Plus subscribers will be even angrier.

Still, while there’s a clear pattern here, building hype around a pattern spanning four years isn’t the most reliable method of “PS Plus predictions.” So it remains possible that the free PS Plus games March 2022 may not live up to expectations, regardless of the quality of the games. Next month might be the bombshell moment fans have been hoping for, but all of its hype might end up exploding in everyone’s face. Fans always have to manage expectations, especially when PS Plus reveals and releases are like clockwork.

PSMore subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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