PS Plus free games leaked for January 2022 online

A new month and a new year are almost here, and that means fans will receive a new selection of PS More games soon among all the rest. Fans can expect this new pick to be officially confirmed on Wednesday, December 29, and released on January 4, 2022. But, many fans may also know that virtually every PS Plus selection from the past six months has been accurately disclosed. in line.

Dealabs, a French forum site, has revealed every PS Plus game over the past few months with a high degree of accuracy. To top it off, he also leaked all of the Epic Games Store’s promotional mystery games so far, with precision as well. All leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but Dealabs have leaked the upcoming PS Plus pick and their word is louder than most leakers in the industry, at least in that regard.


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According to Dealabs, Galactic Deep Rock (PS5 / PS4), Persona 5 attackers (PS4), and Dirt 5 (PS5 / PS4) will be the free PS Plus games of January 2022. Galactic Deep Rock is a four-player cooperative game where players, as space dwarves using one of four classes (Engineer, Gunner, Driller or Scout), must complete various missions in destructible and procedurally generated caves. Persona 5 attackers is a Musou game that takes place a few months after the main events of the first game, developing this Personage universe.

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During this time, Dirt 5 is a racing game featuring a variety of tracks and racing styles such as Rallycross, Ice Racing, Stadium Super Trucks, Offroad Buggies and more with tracks and events across the globe. There is a narrative, where the players face their rival Bruno Durand in a series of championships, while a mentor guides them with advice.

Fans can look forward to these games on January 4, which means fans can download the free PS Plus games for December 2021 until then. This month is included Godfall: Challenger Edition, which has proven to be controversial; Lego dc super villains, to have fun a bit like the bad guys; and Deadly shell, a great Soulslike and a way to pass the time until Ancient ring released.

Overall, it remains to be seen how well fans will react to this selection of new games. There have certainly been worse months at first glance, and a co-op, a Musou game, and a racing game at least have some variety for all types of PlayStation gamers.

PS More subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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Source: Dealabs

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