PS Plus free games for November 2021 set to be announced during inventory

Earlier today, Sony made the surprise announcement that an inventory will take place next week. This style of announcement comes as a bit of a surprise to Sony, as most of the past events (with one exception) were announced on a Tuesday and then took place the following Thursday. This was announced on a Friday and is taking place on a Wednesday.

In particular, Wednesday October 27 is the last day of the month and is the date of the inventory. It will take place at 2 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. CT and will focus primarily on third-party PS4 and PS5 games. Although that does mean fans shouldn’t expect God of the war Where Horizon forbidden to the west there is the perfect setting to announce the PS More free games for november.

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Free PS Plus Game Templates

Fans are already aware of a few details for the November selection. Mainly, fans know that they are likely to have one PS5 game, two PS4 games, and a surprising addition of three PSVR games. Typically, these games are announced on the last Wednesday before they are added on the first Tuesday of a month. As such, fans know that the PS Plus games will be available on November 2, but they don’t know what games it will be.

It’s worth mentioning that fans have already deducted the upcoming PS Plus games as a clear sign is that the game is releasing on that date and cannot be pre-ordered. However, there are no confirmed PlayStation releases for November 2, which makes it more of a surprise. Either way, while fans aren’t sure what it is, there are a few clear signs that they’ll likely be announced during the stocktaking.

PS Plus free games reveal the state of play?

The first is obvious: it is the last Wednesday of the month. Sony is likely to announce the games on that date anyway, so it would make more sense to use the event if November gets some good PS Plus games. Second, the announcement already makes this event odd compared to past State of Plays, with the reveal and timing likely being intentional as a result, and it wouldn’t be the first time that State of Play has been used to promote PS Plus.

The last few months of PS Plus have largely focused on third-party games, so that makes sense, especially if any new third-party reveals are planned. Without a game already in release on November 2, the most logical party will be the new PS5 game that will appear on PS Plus with an appropriate announcement of the three – at least – coming soon after. That may very well reveal all three, but if there are any new third-party reveals to be had, it makes sense to line them up and make them part of PS Plus – something that isn’t too different from A Plague: Tale Innocence, Overcooked: All you can eat, and Hell let loose get the release date revealed shortly before their reveal / addition.

If anything, an event on this date makes the game much more engaging. While it remains to be seen what exactly it is about, it seems a safe bet that the free PS Plus games for November 2021 will be presented during the next State of Play.

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