PS Plus February 2022 predictions and free games reveal date

February 2022 PS Plus free games will soon be revealed and there are a bunch of predictions online in the absence of leaks.

Whether the freebies are good or not won’t matter as it’s going to be an amazing month for PlayStation loyalists. Dying Light 2 will be released, as well as the long-awaited Sifu, and there are also the relatively small games you’ve probably never heard of called Forbidden Horizon West and Ring of Elden. Oh, and an inventory is also rumored.

All of the aforementioned titles will rob us of our money, but we might also get some cool freebies to add to our endless back catalog.

When will the February 2022 PS Plus free games be announced?

The February 2022 PS Plus free games reveal and announcement date is expected to be January 26th.

Sony always announces upcoming lineup the last week before the giveaways are released. This usually happens on a Wednesday, but has happened on a Monday or Tuesday on rare occasions.

In the meantime, you only have until February 2 to download the gifts of the moment: Dirt 5, Persona 5 Strikers, and Galactic Deep Rock. Persona 5 Strikers is arguably the best of the bunch, but they’re all fantastic and definitely worth downloading.

Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer






There are no leaks or rumors at the time of writing.

Over the past few months, perfectly accurate leaks have appeared ahead of Sony’s announcement. They usually take place on weekends and are offered by Dealabs.

Nothing has been discovered at this time, but we will update this article when reports come out.

PS Plus Predictions February 2022

One of our crazy predictions for February 2022 PS Plus free games is evil Dead as a PS5 exclusive offer.

It’s extremely unlikely to happen, but we’d like it to be a surprise announcement. The game has been delayed to next month in August 2021 and still doesn’t have a release date, and there’s also nowhere to pre-order it.

While evil dead the game is wishful thinking, we think Sackboy a great adventure is more plausible. Indeed, Sony gave away the PlayStation 5 launch titles from 2020 with Godfall in December and Dirt 5 in January, and Sackboy feels much more realistic than Demon’s Souls.

Away from the next-gen offering, we suspect the other two games won’t be as new. Stardew Valley could possibly happen as it joined Game Pass in December and Sony has never given it away before.

Finally, we guess Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. We usually get a couple Cod games per year, and Infinite War – surprisingly – was never offered.

In other news, God of War PC FOV mod download and cutscene fixes

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