Pokimane shares his thanks for video games in a tweet

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on the internet and the top female streamer on Twitch. She rose to the top of Twitch after nearly a decade of streaming, having her fair share of controversies along the way that helped her name spread across the internet.

Throughout her career, she has been able to make many friends in the industry, with whom she constantly collaborates. She is one of the most prominent members of the Offline TV group of streamers, which also includes Disguised Toast, Lilypichu, Sykkuno and many other popular content creators.

Today, she decided to take to Twitter to thank the one thing that has brought her all her friendships over the years: video games.

I never thought I would have the friends I have today, and it’s all thanks to video games 🥲

The tweet reads:

“I never thought I would have the friends I have today, and it’s all thanks to video games.”

Pokimane thanks video games for helping her find friends

Some friends responded to the tweet, such as top YouTube streamer Valkyrae, who said she was happy to be Pokimane’s friend.

@pokimanelol I’m so happy to have met you and honored to call you a friend🥺❤️

Streamer itsHafu shared that in addition to making friends through video games, she met her husband and was able to make gaming her career.

@pokimanelol I found all my friends, my husband and my career through video games 😳

Another streamer xChoccoBars also left a response to Poki’s statement, saying she loves both her and video games.

Several fans also left their reactions to the tweet, with many adding that they have also made very important friends by playing video games, while some claimed that video games are just a catalyst for their loved ones to pass. a good time and create good memories.

@pokimanelol You only put it on video games, what about memories or laughs, that’s what made you and your friends…. Friends games are just an event you all like to do together than what i think your friends did today

@pokimanelol Video games actually helped me land my career that I’m in now. I met a guy through WoW who after years of raiding told me to apply to the company he worked for when I graduated college and here I am now

@pokimanelol The gaming scene has had its toxic moments, but overall it’s a great community where many are able to connect and make new friendships 🙂

@pokimanelol So true, I’ve met so many people I probably wouldn’t meet in everyday life, it crosses all borders, race, religion, age etc. 👍😁 #Video games #Games

@pokimanelol Literally “maybe the real treasure is the friends we made along the way”

@pokimanelol “You won’t make friends playing video games all day.” – Most Moms

@pokimanelol Real goals. All of your friends are so amazing and you have to meet them doing something you love and having fun doing it. Really amazing ❤️

@pokimanelol Video games bring communities together like no other activity or hobby. It’s quite incredible.

With many agreeing with Poki’s assertion, it seems his fanbase had a similar experience to making friends on the World Wide Web. With so many people sharing their experiences of finding friendships online, it seems like the internet community has gradually become a nurturing space.

Fostering invaluable connections around the world has been a gift many have received during their time on the internet.

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