Playstation (PS) Plus September 2022 List of Free Games Predictions, Reddit and Games Leaving Extra and Premium

There are no September 2022 PS Plus leaks, but there are some exciting predictions about what free games might be announced

And three titles are leaving the PlayStation Extra and Premium services.

Playstation (PS) Plus September 2022 Free Games Prediction List, Reddit and Games Leaving Extra, Premium

August has been a fantastic month for PlayStation customers. The amazing Yakuza Like a Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2. And the amazing Little Nightmares are the must play games. As if those three games weren’t enough, the August 2022 Extra and Premium games include more. Yakuza, as well as Metro Exodus, Dead By Daylight, Ghost Recon and many more.

September 2022 is the 20th anniversary of PlayStationPlus’ Sly Cooper

When will the September 2022 Ps Plus free games be announced?

The September 2022 PS Plus free games announcement date is August 31.

Sony’s PlayStation Blog post for August 2022 confirms that the next batch of freebies will be available on September 6th. Upcoming giveaways are announced on the last Wednesday before launch, but that rarely happens on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or even Friday.

Be sure to grab the newest Essential freebie while it’s still available. Little Nightmare is an atmospheric experience that can be completed in one sitting, while Yakuza Like A Dragon is a fantastic experience and one of the best Yakuza games. And Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is just as good as we remembered from childhood.

PS Plus predictions for September 2022

Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition is one of our predictions for the free PS Plus games of September 2022.

This is a game that will be released on September 6, the same day as the next batch of PlayStation giveaways. It is not available for pre-order on the PSN store, and Tomorrow Children was previously available on PlayStation as an early access experience in 2016.

Biomutant is our other prediction, besides Tomorrow Children. That seems unlikely considering it’s already included as a trial in PS Plus Premium, but a new PS5 version will be available on September 6. Temtem, a Pokémon-like MMO, has been predicted by PlayStation Portal, but that seems unlikely given that it’s available to pre-order on the PSN store for £34.99.

Due to the number of PS4/PS5 games already available on Extra and Premium, it’s hard to guess. We assume Watch Dogs 2 for PS Plus Extra and Premium. Because more Ubisoft+ games are joining and WD2 is not available yet although it is available on Game Pass.

Quit free games

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the free PS Plus games of September 2022 leaving Extra and Premium.

According to Countdown Plus, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 20. That’s a month before Red Dead Redemption 1 and Undead Nightmare release on October 17.

Before September arrives, keep in mind that two games are retiring on August 31: WRC 10 and NBA 2K22. It’s a shame that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going away because it’s one of the best games of all time.

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