PlayStation Plus subscribers unhappy with ‘bad’ free games

PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5 are not happy with October free games. For the month of October, PS Plus subscribers receive Hell let loose, PGA 2K21 Tour, and Mortal Kombat X. If this were an Xbox Live Games With Gold line, subscribers would be pretty happy with it, as it would be a pretty solid line for a service that has had largely lackluster offerings in recent years. However, PlayStation Plus subscribers have been spoiled with huge lineups this year consisting of games like Final Fantasy 7 remake, Control, The innocence of a plague tale, and Battlefield 5. Suffice to say that the subscribers, or at least the subscribers of the PlayStation Plus Reddit page, are not very satisfied with the lineup.

In a poll with nearly 2,000 votes, the vast majority of results relate to options ranging from “bad” to “eh”, with only a minority of subscribers selecting the “good” and “good options”. Of course, everything on the internet is tilting towards the negative, but even taking that context into account, it’s not enough to deny the fact that the consensus is that Sony has let PlayStation Plus subscribers down this month.

Not only are many subscribers disappointed with the quality of the free games, but many are also unhappy that the lineup doesn’t include a single horror game. In fact, it doesn’t even include a game with horror elements. Of course, with Halloween this month everyone is in the mood for some spooky games, so it’s odd that PlayStation hasn’t taken advantage of it. All of this maddening is the fact that subscribers in Asia got an extra free game, and it’s a good game.

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