PlayStation Plus free games for June are on track to be the best in ages

2022 has been a weird year for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While a good number of monthly free games delighted and surprised users, there were also some real noises.

But with June comes the promise of real change. Sony’s all-new PlayStation Plus will officially launch, offering access to a much larger library of games from all generations of PlayStation. That’s assuming you’re willing to pay more for the new Extra and Premium tiers, of course.

The Essential tier is for those who don’t want to pay more than they already pay for PS Plus, and will effectively offer the same service that fans have come to expect for several years. Access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts and, of course, free monthly games.

While we still don’t know for sure which games will be made available to PS Plus Essential subscribers in June, we’re very hopeful that Sony delivers a winning month. This is, after all, the launch of a brand new PS Plus! Sony has to make a statement by offering a mind-blowing selection of surprising and quality games. More importantly, it needs to let Essential subscribers know that they aren’t being dropped just because they’re on the lowest tier.

IMHO, PlayStation Plus is at its best when its monthly lineup combines unexpected indies with surprise AAA bangers and the occasional brand new release. June programming should strive to remind subscribers just how good the subscription service can be when it really hits. If they pull it off and pass the selection of incoming PlayStation and PlayStation 2 classics, then June is on course to be the best month PlayStation Plus has seen in a very, very long time.

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