PlayStation Plus free games for December 2021 revealed

Sony has officially unveiled the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of December, and the games are exactly what leakers announced last week. The last three free PS Plus games subscribers on PS4 and PS5 get in 2021 are Deadly Shell, LEGO DC Super Villainsand not just Godfall, but the “Challenger Edition” of Godfall. All three games will be available for free on December 7 and will be free until the first Tuesday of January, which is January 4.

As always, once downloaded, these games are yours to keep and play as much or as little as you want. These are not free trials. However, you technically own the games neither. If your PlayStation Plus subscription expires, you will lose access to the Game Trio and any other games downloaded through the subscription service, and you will not be able to access these games unless you purchase them directly or save them.

Below, you can read more about all three games and also check out a trailer for each:

Godfall: Challenger Edition: “Aperion stands on the brink of ruin. You are the last of the Valorian Knights, divine masters of melee combat equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates. Ascend in Godfall, the first of its kind, looter-slasher, RPG from melee action.”

Death Shell: “Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. As the remnants of humanity wither and rot, zealous enemies fester in the ruins. They spare no no mercy, survival requiring superior awareness, precision and instincts.. Hunt down the hidden shrines of devout followers and discover your true purpose.”

LEGO DC Super Villains: “It’s good to be bad… Embark on an all-new DC/LEGO adventure as you become the greatest villain the universe has ever seen. Players will create and play as an all-new Super-Villain throughout of the game, unleashing mischievous antics and wreaking havoc in an action-packed story. Set in an open-world experience within the DC Universe, the Justice League has disappeared, leaving the protection of Earth to their counterparts, who proclaim themselves to be the “Justice Syndicate”. It’s up to you and a crazed group of misfits to uncover the intentions of Earth’s strange new superheroes. Joined by famous DC super-villains: the Joker, Harley Quinn and countless others from the Injustice League, players will embark on an epic adventure.

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