PlayStation gave away 60 million free games with its Play at Home promo

Did you catch them all?

Have you picked up Sony on any of its free games that you can really keep like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Astro Bot Rescue Missionand Subnautical? Many of us have. Tens of millions, in fact. According to Sony’s latest figures, to date “players have picked up over 60 million games” from the Play at Home promotion.

Breaking it down further, players picked up 30 million games from “indie partners”, 11 million PS VR games, and “over 4 million add-ons and game content”. The fact that you don’t need a paid PS Plus subscription to participate helped a lot.

PlayStation started giving away free games “as everyone was struggling with the first [COVID-19] lockdown,” as Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said in a new interview with There was a bit of something for everyone.

The Play at Home promo kicked off in April 2020 with Unexplored and Travelresurfaced in March 2021 with Ratchet & Clankquickly followed that with 10 other PS4 games, including Horizon Zero Dawnand returned in May with in-game content for titles like rocket league and Warframe. It feels like yesterday – and three years ago.

According to Ryan, Sony is “very happy with the reaction” to Play at Home, but for the future? “If the lockdown, God forbid, if it were to continue into 2022 and beyond, who knows? We might feel like we have to do it again. We’ll wait and see,” he told

The real question is: have you played anything like this or just picked it up?

Either way, I feel like these free games — especially Sony’s own picks — have been calculated in a way to build brand strength. It was really smart of them to basically bundle great PlayStation VR games with several top indies into a giveaway event. This base continues to grow while waiting for the PlayStation VR model of the PS5.

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