Nintendo Switch: the 5 best free games

The Nintendo Switch has plenty of great options for those looking for free gaming experiences. Here are the five best.

While the free-to-play label often carries negative connotations, more and more developers have turned to the model over the years. Many of these games are actually pretty good these days, and Nintendo Switch owners are spoiled for choice. While there are still plenty of low-quality free games that seem to only exist to tempt players with microtransactions, others are full-fledged games that are easily accessible thanks to their lack of entry fees.

These five games are more than decently playable; they will provide players with hours and hours of fun. And while they offer premium or paid content, it’s just as easy to download the title from Nintendo’s eShop.

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pokemon unite

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs, have dominated the free-to-play genre by providing quality content and consistent updates. The announcement of a free-to-play Pokemon MOBA was initially viewed with skepticism, as some feared it was a blatant cash grab rather than a comprehensive experience. However, the brawler proved the doubters wrong.

pokemon unite is well-balanced, well-designed, and backed by a solid initial roster with more to come in future updates. Like any MOBA, the game is highly competitive, which means your enjoyment may depend on your skill level. Although it received some criticism for its microtransactions, pokemon unite can certainly be played without spending a penny.

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Super Bomberman R online

Cropped Super Bomberman R online promo artwork

The Battle Royale genre is another free-to-play staple, as these titles require dozens of players to participate and compete at once until an ultimate champion emerges. While shooters love fortnite are dominant forces, other developers have brought their own unique twist to the concept. Super Bomberman R online is a game that takes the format and combines it with a beloved franchise known for its explosive fast pace.

Super Bomberman R online is a must have for everyone bomber fan, although newcomers to the franchise will also have fun. Bombers can be customized with cosmetic items, creating unique characters that set them apart from the rest – which could come in handy as the game gets more and more chaotic.


Another foray into the world of battle royales, GungHo’s colorful and cartoonish gameplay might seem reminiscent of the paint-splattered mayhem of Splatoon, corn ninjala distinguishes itself from the ink-splattered shooter with its own unique combat charm. Players customize their own ninja fighter and equip them with their own unique weapons, like foam swords, yo-yos and skateboards, while charging their special “ninja gum” gauges to unleash specials and other abilities.

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ninjala features different PvP modes, with quick eight-person teams and four-on-four teams. Although eight-person games may seem tame compared to other battle royales, the combination of unique weapons and abilities, well-designed maps that encourage head-on combat, and the game’s timer create some of the fastest PvP experiences. available. Constant updates and events also keep the game fresh.

Rogue company

The team-based multiplayer shooter Rogue company released in 2020. Although fast-paced online games can be difficult to run on Switch, Rogue company makes it work. Matches begin with a frame rate of 30fps when you skydive, but once the map is rendered and you hit the ground, the game ramps up to 60fps.

While Rogue company can easily be considered a team-based spin-off tactical shooter, it’s one of the best available on a handheld console – at least without sacrificing gameplay quality. Although its content is pretty basic right now, the game is still relatively new and Hi-Rez promises consistent updates and support.

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rocket league

rocket league is one of the most famous indie games that achieved major success with minimal hype. Much of its audience found the game when it was offered free to PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch, and although it originally required players to purchase the game, rocket league moved to a free-to-play model in September 2020.

Although many Nintendo Switch ports are criticized for feeling worse on the less powerful hardware, many gamers would argue that rocket league looks like it belongs to Switch. In addition to having a large community, the football-playing rocket-powered car game runs smoothly on the Switch, making it an essential addition to any gamer’s library.

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