Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Just Got Free Games

A new Nintendo Switch Online update – version 2.4.0 – is live, adding three free games to the subscription service in the process. This month, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite subscribers don’t get any NES games, but they do get three SNES games, or more specifically, jelly boy. Bombuzaland Claymates.

Although there were no NES games this month, and although it’s unclear why, what subscribers got on the NES front was the SP version of Super Mario Bros. 3which includes eight new power-ups and begins the action at World 8.

Below, you can learn more about each game and watch a promotional video for the lineup of free games:

Claymate: “Take the role of Clayton, son of Professor Putty. Your father has made a breakthrough, and with the serum he created, living creatures can be turned into clay! You will face many dangers, but you have the ability to transform into five different animals. You’ll need it to run, jump, fly, swim and climb obstacles in your way.

Jelly Boy: In this platformer originally released exclusively in Europe in 1995, you are Jelly Boy, a candy who has been given a spark of life by the power of lightning. You came to life knowing one thing: you must escape from the candy factory. To get out, you will have to collect puzzle pieces and survive the heavy enemies trying to stop you. You will definitely need all your wits, skills and shape-shifting powers to get through this wacky adventure.

Bombuzal: “Strategically detonate each bomb in each level while leaving a safe place to stand when the dust settles. of every count of the explosion, or it could blow up all your careful planning. Good luck and have fun!”

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, meaning it gives Switch and Switch Lite subscribers the ability to play all games online. To sweeten the pot, there are a few other features and bonuses, including free SNES and NES games every month. For all this, subscribers have to shell out more than $20 per year.

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