Nintendo Switch: Best free games

Nintendo games can be expensive, so here are the best free games.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for everyone. Despite its small size, this console can still run heavy games like Witcher 3. This is why the game console is so popular and has been since its release.

However, Nintendo’s game prices usually top around £50, which can get expensive. But, the Nintendo Store also offers a variety of different free games that are great on the Nintendo Switch.

So, let’s take a look at the Nintendo Switch and its best free games.

Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch

Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm when it released in 2020. However, what goes up…must come down. It wasn’t long before the hype for the game died down and people stopped playing. However, that changed when the game became free-to-play on all consoles and popularity grew!

Apex Legends

One of the best MOBAs in today’s gaming world. Apex Legends sees teams of players trying to survive in a battle royale game. Legends in the game vary from snipers to tanks to assassins. The choices are pretty good.

Arena of Valor on Nintendo Switch

Arena of Valor was the first MOBA to come to the Nintendo Switch. It originally started as a mobile game. But, admittedly, it plays much better on the Switch. AoV is also very easy to access. It offers players a great way to get used to the MOBA genre without going deep.


Of course, Fortnite should appear here, otherwise something is wrong. The game is iconic. The gameplay is no different from other platforms. however, there’s something satisfying about playing a battle royale game straight from the couch.


Brawlhalla is the next in the line of Super Smash Bros. The free beat-em-up is a great party game for hosting your next event. There are a huge number of characters to choose from, all with very different styles and personalities. The animation of the game is also excellent.

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