NHL 22 and Madden 22 video games are worth buying

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Tanner Hume
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Sports games are very popular among sports fans because players can compete online. It’s also a great way to play as a custom character and lead him to as much success as his little heart can fantasize. Here are reviews for NHL 22 and Madden NFL 22.

NHL 22: This game, developed by Electronic Arts, takes its talents to frozen rinks around the world to dominate the landscape of professional hockey. You can create a character in “Be A Pro” mode and lead your character from its time in the junior leagues to the NHL and its great success, ranging from individual awards to the greatest prize in hockey: the Stanley Cup. Moreover, you can show your skills as a general manager and lead a team to championships or tanks and get the first pick and the best prospect in the world. If you prefer to use your talents online, you can explore the world of EASHL (Electronic Arts Sports Hockey League), where you can team up with your friends and compete against other teams as a new team on the block, or in a three-on-three competition. . Also, within NHL 22 is the world of Hockey Ultimate Team, better known as the fantasy card collecting game. Here you can collect player cards, assemble a team of some of the game’s best players, past and present, such as Connor McDavid, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr and more, and challenge other teams to see who has the best team. NHL 22 also features international tournaments where you can take your talents overseas and challenge some of the best teams in the world. Overall this game is great and it’s a good sports game to get your hands on if the opportunity arises.

Rating: A-

Madden NFL 22: The game football fans love and hate. Another creation of Electronic Arts, this game is fun to play, but at the same time, it is very enraged. Like NHL 22, there is a Be A Pro mode, only more complex than NHL’s. The GM mode of this game is more complex, with meetings with team staff and players, multiple opportunities to sign players from the start, expansions at certain times, etc. The online modes in this game are crazier than in any other sports game, from Madden’s ultimate team to the court. There aren’t as many game modes as in NHL 22, but the game is still enjoyable and worth buying. Overall, although the game tends to irritate fans with questionable features and appeals, it is worth playing with the great graphics and in-depth gameplay. If you want to play a good sports game, then Madden NFL 22 is your game.

Grade: B+

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