New rival for Epic Video Games: Google sues Fortnite authors for breaking deal with Play Retailer

Google is saving the counterclaim to recover the money it lost when Fortnite integrated an external payment method.

The fight between Epic Video Games and cellular retail outlets no longer precludes, and in all likelihood, this insistence on the part of Fortnite alumni has led them to a more difficult scenario. Since Google, after being accused and criticized at the start of the battle for its famous 30% charge, ended up filing a lawsuit against Epic Video Games for destroy the rules of the game retailer, your app reseller. In this sense, Google’s intentions do not transcend the industrialist, because it aims to recover the money you have misplaced when Fortnite opened its pricing strategies a few months ago.

Epic Video Games got unjustly enriched at the expense of GoogleGoogleGoogle, like Apple, gives manufacturers the power to run their programs within the company’s legitimate retailer, Play Retailer, as long as they are able to keep with 30% of invoices done via customers in each utility. To recap at a minimum, Epic Video Games broke this rule via open new fee strategies in Fortnite, which made it possible to forget the 30% charge for Google, and, as a result, the company considers that “Epic Video Games has unjustly enriched itself at the expense of Google”, as their action indicates in justice.

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Customers select this retailer when they receive a large number of channels and apps on AndroidGoogleIn addition, and unlike what is happening with Apple, Google reiterates that do not force manufacturers to set up their programs within the Play Retailer, because the company’s platform is in additional open methods that allow access to identical points of sale. In his sentences, “They choose this retailer when they receive a sequence of channels and programs on Android. Google makes it easy to select from Android itself, Google Play insurance policies, and Google agreements with builders and instrument makers.

As a result, and after criticizing Google for insurance policies for its retailer Play, he somehow feels that Epic Video Games is facing the company in a lawsuit, which foresees than already growing against Apple for a similar case. Until now, Google thought of buying Epic video games as a way to avoid the formation of additional criminal problems, but it is clear that this path was rejected, which led to the last minute counterclaim.

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Epic Video Games to Create Entertainment Division to Create Audiovisual Content MaterialIn fact, the legal battles of Epic Video Games generated earthquakes. each in their own workplace and in Apple and Google insurance policies. Since then, in this sense, it has been shown that every company has to open up foreign expense strategies in Korea, while Apple may also be forced to take action in the United States. Alternatively, the creators of Fortnite didn’t come out very gracefully. disputes, because Apple Corporate will prevent you from republishing their megastar game on the App Store until all criminal cases are completed.

And, in all likelihood, so much conflict in the online gaming arena has led Epic Games to substantially think about making a Fortnite movie. Since, as we discovered a few hours ago, Tim Sweeney’s business needs to create a leisure center to provide audiovisual content material, which could allow them to extend their logo to different markets. Nowadays, the conclusions of all the judgments that Epic Games generated with its supposedly progressive movement remain to be recognized, but all of this means that there probably won’t be a winner.

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