New PlayStation Plus 2022 Free Games Bundle Reportedly Leaked

A new PlayStation Plus The Free Games Bundle was reportedly leaked early for one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the PS Store.

From what has been shared online, Sony will be teaming up with another massive developer to bring something unique to its subscribers later in 2022.

It will be an added gift for Plus subscribers who may not be looking for a new game to play.

Instead, they can collect an exclusive pack as part of their membership that can aid them in the game or offer something a little different cosmetically.

This has yet to be confirmed by Sony, so fans should take all the latest information with a big pinch of salt.

Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 3 Gameplay Trailer

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Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 3 Gameplay Trailer





PS Plus 2022 Free Games Bundle Revealed Early

According to HyperX, a well-known content leaker and sharer, a new Fortnite Game Pack will be coming to PlayStation Plus in 2022. No fixed date has been announced for the arrival of this new bonus, but it seems that it could be available in the next weeks . This would follow similar deals offered to Genshin Impact and Call of Duty Warzone players.

We don’t know when this new content will go live, but we got a preview of what it could look like, with images available to view below via the Twitter integration. The new pack would include a special Blizzard Bomber outfit and a back bling.

Until we know more about the new PlayStation Plus Free Games Bundle, there are plenty of other deals currently available for those with a PS Plus subscription. The current double discounts on the PlayStation Store will be available until June 22.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive up to 64%, although it’s worth noting that many of the games included don’t go that high, and some that do only go for titles that were already very expensive in the first place. . But it will be worth checking out the list, which can be found via the official PlayStation Store website or via PS4 and PS5 consoles.

In other news, Bel’Veth Nerfs: League of Legends (LoL) patch 12.12 is ready to counter a new champion

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