Netflix teases subscribers with new free games

Netflix finds itself in a precarious situation because for the first time it lost subscribers, which led to a fall in the stock market. What the future of the company will look like remains to be seen, but gaming is certainly one of them. Not only has Netflix been at the forefront of the cross-media resurgence involving video game intellectual property, but it has also dipped its toe into the game publishing business. During this time, he began releasing games exclusively available to his subscribers. So far it’s been about mobile games, and smaller scope and ambition, but of course that could change over time. In the meantime, before the end of the year, subscribers have nearly 50 mobile games to look forward to which will be released through the subscriber subscription service at no additional cost.

What these games are and how good they will be, we don’t know. All we know is that Netflix subscribers will receive almost 50 “free” mobile games before the end of the year. In March, one of the best games from this new initiative – a remaster of a popular PlayStation game – was released.

Until now, these games were free from microtransactions and in-game ads. In other words, although they are free for subscribers, they are not like other free games on mobile platforms.

Interestingly, in September last year, Netflix acquired studio Night School, the team best known for Without beef. The studio – which is the first to join the Netflix family – is known for its high-quality console and PC games. It remains to be seen how an acquisition like this – and all future ones – will intersect with this free-to-play mobile games initiative, but you have to imagine the plan is to bridge the two. If Netflix can make and deliver big-budget movies and TV shows, there’s no reason it can’t do that with console games. Obviously, however, there are more variables involved as not everyone with a Netflix subscription will have a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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H/T, The Washington Post.

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