National Video Games Day 2022: History, Meaning, and Facts

On this National Video Games Day, you will have the opportunity to do so because you have been waiting for a long time and yes, we are talking about devoting your entire day to your favorite video games.

Today the video game industry is worth billions of dollars and it has become an integral part of our lives and it’s hard to think that video games are actually very recent as they only date back to the 1940s but what they have now taken the whole world by storm.

And to recognize the importance of video games in our lives and also to encourage people to play more video games, the United States celebrates its National Video Games Day on September 12 every year.

Event national video game day
Date September 12, 2022
Day Monday
Importance The day honors and celebrates video games
Observed by United States


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History of National Video Games Day:

The very first video game in our world was released in 1940 and it was called “Nim” and it was presented at the World’s Fair by Edward Condon. Then, the development of video games was supported by many research laboratories and institutions in the country.

As in the 1950s, universities like the University of Cambridge and MIT started working on video games. Some games that came out of these universities were virtual tic tac toe and “Spacewar!”

Then the first game console was designed in 1967 by Ralph Baer who is known as the “father of video games”, hit the market, it inspired the classic Atari game “Pong”. Although there was a copyright infringement lawsuit, Atari still took off with the public when it released the Attari 2600 which included games like “Frogger”.

But all was not well for the game industry and it experienced a massive crash in the 1980s. At that time, a Japanese company called Nintendo came to the scene and saved the game industry. Nintendo introduced some of the most important game franchises like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, all of which became the most popular in the world at that time. Nintendo also found a challenger in Sega, propelling the market into the world of 3D gaming.

However, in the modern age of gaming, Nintendo has lost its dominance to Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles. And today Playstation dominates the game console world with competition from Xbox, Nintendo is not over yet and is still loved by many.

Significance of National Video Games Day:

Today we play games all the time, whether on game consoles or games on mobile phones, all people in the world love to play video games today, whether in n’ any age group. As everyone loves certain types of video games. And why shouldn’t they say what better and more engaging way to spend and simultaneously enjoy our time than video games.

Video games are not just a hobby or a waste of time today. As said before, the video game industry is worth billions of dollars and it is growing very rapidly year after year. Today, many people are making a career out of gaming by becoming streamers on YouTube, Twitch, etc. So today it is very important to earn money also for many people.

However, not everyone is a streamer and most people only play video games for fun and entertainment. Today’s games are also improving with better technology, which gives a totally different experience than the old games. As many games are available in virtual reality today, which provides a much better experience than what we used to get in early video games. Thus, the gaming industry is constantly evolving, which makes video games even more fun and exciting.

Today’s games also allow for socializing with people as there are many popular multiplayer battle royale games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Pubg, Call of Duty, etc. These games also allow the user and their friends to communicate with each other and play video games together. On the other hand, game consoles offer very exciting and engaging story-based games.


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National Video Games Day Facts:

Now let’s learn some very interesting and fun facts about video games:

  1. During the early stages of development, Batman: Arkham Asylum was prototyped as a rhythm-action game.
  2. In order to get children and teens more interested in books, libraries have started adding video games to their shelves.
  3. The Game Boy version of Tetris was the first game played in space.
  4. In 2019, a boy from the United States won the biggest eSports payout for a single person at $3 million.
  5. Ubisoft’s long and highly successful Assassin’s Creed series was originally intended to be a spinoff of Prince of Persia.
  6. According to a study, those who play video games are more likely to have lucid dreams, where they can control what is happening.

National Video Game Day Most Searched FAQs:

1. When is National Video Games Day celebrated?

National Video Games Day is celebrated every year on September 12 in the United States.

2. Are there any tips for National Video Game Day?

In the past, retailers like Amazon, Playstation, and Microsoft offered big deals on individual games and consoles, so check them out online!

3. What is the biggest game console brand in the world?

Sony’s Playstation is currently the biggest game console brand in the world.

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