More Xbox Free Games with Gold for April 2022 are now available

The latest April 2022 Games with Gold are available to download now and include an award-winning puzzle-platformer and off-road racing game.

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Xbox’s promotion of its Game Pass subscription service is a clear indicator that the company expects to see the video game market move away from gamers who buy and own games, and towards a Netflix-style library of games. . With Xbox Live being bundled with the subscription service in the form of Game Pass Ultimate, very little is now heard or promoted about exclusive Xbox Live features. But Xbox hasn’t yet given up on one of Xbox Live’s most popular offers, free games with gold.


Although now often hidden behind sub-menus on the home screen, Xbox has maintained its four free games per month offer, consisting of two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games. April 2022, the next two free games with gold of the month are now available for download.

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The free Xbox One game is Tint which was originally released in 2016 and was hailed as a charming and unique puzzle platformer. In online gaming markets with hundreds of independently developed puzzle platforms vying for attention, it takes a truly unique concept or gameplay loop to make a game stand out. Hue has this with its color wheel mechanism which alters the level environment and is used to solve puzzles in the game.

MX V. Living ATV Xbox 360

The free Xbox 360 title for the second half of April is MX vs. ATV Alive. This long-running acronym-heavy title has a new game coming out next month named MX vs. ATV Legends. AliveThe online racing mode still has a surprisingly active player base, who enjoy the mix of physics-based controls and arcade-style racing.

This month has seen some pretty solid games offered, but many fans believe the quality of 2022’s Games with Gold titles is still a far cry from the games that were released at the start of the program in 2013. This has led many to believe the Games with Gold program may be nearing the end of its run. This has happened to other Xbox programs in the past, which at first would have taken center stage on the Xbox Live dashboard, but then slowly slipped behind the submenus before being quietly discontinued.

April’s second batch of free games was added a day earlier and will be available to download until May 15 for Tintand May 30 for MX vs. ATV Alive. Few gamers with Xbox Live or Game Pass Ultimate subscribe to just four free games a month, two of which are at least ten years old. But it’s still a nice perk and gives players the chance to enjoy a game they might not otherwise have purchased.

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